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  1. Hapa

    Seth Enslow vs Trigger Gumm Jump Off

    These are my buddies from way back, This is going to be a fun event to see. They are training and practicing now. Looks like I will have my MH there, so I will stock the bar and spend the weekend. This means free drinks for my friends!!! Come and check it out, video wont do this stuff justice...
  2. Hapa

    Finally action shots, Pics and video of my Arctic Cat 1000

    "I hooked up with Rick over Halloween weekend as Rick was getting ready to take his Prowler on its first real ride. Rick was a little timid at first since he was just getting used to the car. But after a while, Rick let loose and even air his cat out for some pictures." quote from Jon Crowley...
  3. Hapa

    Video of The Rip To The Tip of Baja

    I couldn't go this year Johnny Campbell and Monster went. I should of gone Johnny Campbell, Jeff "OX" Kargola and Colton Udall joined Cameron Steele on the 2009 Desert Assasins Rip to the Tip. The video is a must see it's classic Baja JCR Honda - Media This is an invite only ride...
  4. Hapa

    XTZ 1000 Build: Permission to Launch

    Permission to Launch as if you guys had a choice:cool: My cat is off getting a Ron Woods exhaust, Intake and fuel controller. Of-course all the tunning and dialing in are done by The Pro Shop. I think Ron Woods will r&d the intake and exhausts and John at the Pro Shop dials it in with...
  5. Hapa

    Watch-ya do-en?

    Hi I used to have a Rhino, it looked like this.

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