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    Yet another new guy!

    Can we change kool-aid flavors now ??!!?? :eek: :D
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    Welcome from UTVUnderground

    Joined a while back...just been lurking....THANKS for the welcome !!
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    another new guy

    Yeah, it's runnin pretty strong , me and him had it up to 62 , and ran outta road !! We rode last sun...and the sat prior...had a blast !!! Found out how to drive on just the left front wheel...ask Hump... He was behind me !! Wild ride... :)
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    supporting vender

    Soon they'll need to drop the "rhino" part of the name ...huh??
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    New Guy

    Don't know what is happening...been doin the same thing...figured I'd been gone this am. That Hot-rod is a bad influence !! lol
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    another new guy

    Yeah, I kinda noticed you're all ways bringn up the rear!! lmao

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