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    All UTV's New 32" BFG!!!

    Sounds like it was just released for the Baja 500. Can't find any info on the internet though. Anyone know anything about it? Weight? Release date to the public?
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    Honda New Honda Talon

    Supposedly dropping tomorrow. DCT transmission and maybe trailing arm suspension? Someone thinks it'll have: 1000cc 120hp 18" of travel 30" tires Automotive cockpit Bucket seats. Traction control.
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    Schrader Install in Fox IBP

    So I bought some Schrader valves to install in my XP turbos internal bypass shocks. Last time I did this was on a maverick, and I had to remove a plastic plug, then an Allen screw, then the rubber pellet, and then drill and tap. This one is different. It looks to be a piece of steel that was...
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    Polaris XPT Shock Valving

    Does anyone have a shock valving recipe to share? I have a two-seat XP turbo. It has the fox internal bypass shocks. Stock, there's 24 clicks of compression adjustable total, I had the front shocks 21 clicks in and the rear shocks all the way out at zero. I found the front springs to be way too...
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    All UTV's Tensor Race Tire

    So how is the new Tensor race tire holding up? Someone told me that it is a soft compound tire so you won't get a lot of mileage out of it. Wondering if that's true, how long will they last for a play car? Are they prone to punctures since they are so light?
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    XPT Primary wearing out

    Just giving a heads up that the plastic sliders in the primary clutch are wearing out the aluminum on the primary where the sliders rub. Below are pictures of mine with 500 miles on it. I saw one at the dealership today that only had 104 miles and 10 hours on it and it had noticeable grooves in...
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    Mike (mega) airing it out off Old's

    The man has skills
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    I built a scatter shield for my Maverick

    I built a scatter shield so that I do not have to use the CVT cover. I also lapped the outer primary to the shaft using valve lapping stuff. I then put Loctite Sleeve Retainer that I bought at Napa on the taper that I lapped in. I started the motor, and then held the outer primary up to the...
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    A couple of vids

    This is in the Imperial Valley, between Niland and the Slabs. I haven't ridden this wash since 1998, when my Fourtrax 250R broke for the last time. This is from my Drift HD720. The sound on the camera really sucks, so all videos will have these lame YouTube tracks dubbed over...
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    sxs rack (on top of pickup)

    I have two sxs's, so I built this rack to haul one on top of the pickup. Also great for an out of town trip if its just me (gets around Cali's 55 mph speed limit when towing). I bolted two 2x2"x.120" tubes in the bed, that each have two kickers going down to the bed. The 2x2's also...
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    Maverick Post Filter

    When I pick up the Maverick, the salesman told me about a precleaner that came with the Maverick that I could install if I wanted. Then the sales setup guy came out and tried to tell me that this prefilter would be installed where the CVT intake was. He thought that the CVT intake was the...
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    Hello everyone. My name is Steve and I live in the Imperial Valley.I ride alot at Superstition and a little at Glamis.Looking foward to meeting up with people out in the dez.

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