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    Yamaha sv1000

    hey guys this is my sv1000 live here in surprise az so gonna be hittin speedworld soon and hopfully race a few local worcs series red paint is from when i got it thanks to jleeper thanks man definetly a fun car no problems strong and reliable frease the chain and go oh and it stomps on rzrs
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    moved to phoenix sv1 is calling where can i ride help!!!!

    hey whats up like i said i moved tp phoenix from california were i am used to going to the high desert to ride i moved to surprise arizona and have no where that i know to take my weller built sv1 powered rhino i knw that speedworld is also in surprise and have no idea about how to get on the...
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    Hey new member from California

    Thanks guys an pics comin soon Internet issues you know how it is if not one thing it's the other been using my phone but il be gettin urn up soon gettin the gussets were makin all notched an drilled this weeken an welded on soon
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    Hey new member from California

    Hey how's it goin Im new here and I been riding all my life and recently got in to utvs after having my rhino I dececided to buy a racecar I recently picked up the old weller sv1000 from leeper on this site I found an I'm in the middle of a tear down to hopefully have it ready for the upcoming...

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