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    Yamaha powder or paint

    You are here in SD? interesting... Do you have a showroom? I'll have to come by if so - i'd really like to get a setup before next season.
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    Yamaha powder or paint

    I love my pro-one doors. So do all of my passengers. Also, if you have nice seats, it keeps down on the wear and tear of people stomping all over them just to get in. My reasoning for getting the powder done over spray bombing them was this - they are doors so they will get more abuse then...
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    Yamaha powder or paint

    In SD I had the same 4 pro-one panels also done for $100 at RW Little, they do good work. Price seems fair unless you know someone.
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    Took the Rugged Rhino Out....

    I've got to make it up to Pismo sometime. I was staring at the surf behind the rhino. Both look good...
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    Yamaha Ron Woods vs. Muzzy

    I have an 08 stock 700 in SD that only has a VDI and sheave. I'd be willing to donate for testing. I can flip the switch on the VDI to stock in a second.
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    SXS Stadium Series Round #3 Points, Results and laptimes

    Most impressive to me was the 3rd place finisher.... playing favorites I guess ..J/K.. we were helping Conner pit and set up an in-car video camera... it's nearly impossible to hold off those new 450s, especially in a 250.
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    SXS Stadium Series Round #3 Points, Results and laptimes

    I thought I heard the announcer say that one of the new HRT unlimited carts had the fastest lap time of the night. Either way, that teryx ran away with it, sure was fun to watch. Great driving..
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    Heading tp GLAMIS!!!!!!

    We should have about 7 sXs's in our group, heading out Thursday night, Friday morning - Wash 4(ish).
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    First post from Mission Beach

    This site is sick!!! thanks for laying out the welcome mat. Carl
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    First post from Mission Beach

    I read the whole 11 pages of the thread so your issue is misguided - i'm not that guy. I can handle the heat. I came over here because I got a PM from a member telling me to take a look at a So Cal site. Re-read the thread, i think you're misinterpreting things. If anything, i could...
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    First post from Mission Beach

    He jumped right on them, no need for me to get involved - just tired of the haters... this site suits me well.
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    First post from Mission Beach

    Starting to get a little frustrated with the anti CA talk on another sXs forum, a member pointed me here. This looks like a nice home for me. I have an 08 rhino with everything but long travel and a race radio. Thanks Joey for the invite..

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