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    Feds sued over halting Tahoe National Forest access for off-road recreationists

    Great.. I will be sending a donation over..
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    CA Steals MILLIONS from OFF-ROAD Enthusiats!!

    its NOT THEIR Effn Money.. They have taken it from US, By force really. Triple the price of a season pass. We'll, we just keep paying. Here's 100 cops to ticket you every chance they get. AND, we will steal your money for something else.. How about a "THANK YOU" ...
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    Yamaha Bed delete Kit

    Any links on this?? Im looking for an aluminum bed..
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    WTF, my cash was not good for a business transaction today.

    What guys?:confused: You going to Glamis this year homie?
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    rzr 4.. The ONLY company to pull their head from their ASS and give the consumer a 4 seater.. Now they just need an airbox that works.. :D
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    Welcome Team Associated To

    Picked up a t4 from Associated on Sunday for my boy's xmas.. .Gonna have to buy two more, im sure once we all start playn with it.. :D:D
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    body help

    Fresh paint UNDER the body?
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    RacerTech CanAm Commander JUMP..Nosedive Discussion

    There would have to be a droop sensor for the machine to know the wheels are off the ground,(or close to it).. So look for it and try n bypass it.. :D
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    New Project rolled in the Door

    Very cool idea.. Looks like a Monster Miata competitor that stands a chance..:D There is a guy here in Phx that changed all the body panels to Carbon Fiber that we did some paintwork on..
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    Good luck to your friend.. This will be a trying week for him..
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    Seen the Infamous Sand Bullet (Buckshot)...NOT Impressed at all.

    looks better.. But the dash area and the kawasuki body kills it..
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    LSR SR1 Crash and Rebuild!

    Run it over to a body shop(orlandos), strap the bitch to a frame machine.. do it correct now, ,or you will regret it later..
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    i have a confession, i was a richard cranium today

    haha... he shoulda known with the slight powerbrakn.. :D:D
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    HiPer's New UTV Wheels

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    I got a stubborn NUT!!!

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    I got a stubborn NUT!!!

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    I got a stubborn NUT!!!

    If your using an impact(only way really), put pressure on the backside of the wheel(prybar,big guy,whatever) pushing it off while using the impact.. :D
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    Joey D's Evil twin

    Somebody has some Big Ones to flatten a 300k gt..:D I would'nt mind cruisn the vette in the background though..
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    first ride video's of the RZR1, yes i still have wood 2 days later

    call me.. were planning on going out alot this year..:eek:
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    We will be stopping by.. Fri or sat, still undecided.. :rolleyes:
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    Lawn funny..

    You know that felt nice the morning after..:(
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    LOORRS 2010 RD1 Las Vegas - Pics, Results, Stories, Links -

    whats the drivers feedback? looks like they all 'FLOAT' to me?
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    GLAMIS READY - Paddles are on !!

    sick.. Well try and find you this weekend..
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    Picked up my Polaris RZR 4 Today

    that thing will be sweet with a real cage and some doors..:D they priced them yet?
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    Sweet Building... Nice to see you got it done..:D:D
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    SR1, whos bulding one?

    did i miss restrictions on gear ratio/tire size?
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    i need an upper rear brakelight..02/03 slc3505 have any of those layn around? can you email me at [email protected]
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    170 XMF LT

    :Dyes he will be..
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    Your Real Name

    yea, i was trying to play in the box.. :D
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    Your Real Name

    i cant reply without a quote?
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    i just cant leave anything alone

    whoops.. were we adding reality flames or traditional flames?
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    Dan Kelly crash at Glen Helen..........

    wow..looks nasty.. good thing dan is ok.. anybody have anyother pics? i love those wheels he is running.. looks like the trinity paint is still stickn too...:D:D
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    Hood scoops

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    Hood scoops

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    Hood scoops

    fullbore is the only way to go for a scoop..
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    Soboba Pics

    we were watching him.. would have sucked if he would have fallen... chit was slippery..
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    Valentines Day Special

    you guys get em stuff? hell i have gone without for this long, not gonna start now..
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    Soboba Pics

    you were 20ft from us.... your kids kept honking the i walked my daughter and jeffs daughter jules all the way to the restroom from there.. during the restart... or waiting for..
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    Soboba Pics

    we were at the first jump torwards the end of the race.. mikes black dodge and a white superduty...
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    Soboba Pics

    hell, i was looking around for him too....
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    Couple pics from Soboba

    nice.. it was a good time...
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    Soboba Pics

    were you right there max? chit.. mike in the black dodge,jeff in the white ford..
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    Soboba Pics

    haha.. mike and greg had to go to work.. im goin back to bed, the kids went to school.. it was cool meeting all you.. see you at the next one or in da dunes..
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    Soboba Pics

    we watched the start,hauled ass to the back and saw this... wondered, wtf? sure enough, dk blocked the canyon and created a restart..
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    Soboba Pics

    cold it was.. next time were gonna talk mike into running the dodge!!! eat dirt, that must have been you by the whoop section on the way up? we passed you like three or four times..
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    Is your ride a COP magnet?............

    4. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 It's no shocker to find Chevrolet's heavy-duty trucks among the least-ticketed vehicles. These trucks are usually bought for their towing ability, not for impromptu drag races......... towing ability AND DRAG RACE ABILITY... nothing like smoking...
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    Soboba GP - Head Count

    Originally Posted by trinity SPECTATORS 1. Joeyd UTVUndeground 2. mikef 3. Eat Dirt 4. Papa V 5. Megadesertdiesel 6. Rusty5150 UTVUnderground 7. D34thw1sh Magnum 8. Mike Magnum 9. Carlos Magnum 10. FernandezRacing 11. [email protected]$heep 12. Eat Dirt 13. HighDesert_Rhino (Bruce) 14...
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    Soboba GP - Head Count

    you and me got bumped again? haha..:mad:

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