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    Yamaha My new RADIUS cage by Jimbo at FU2 Chassis...bout time for a change!

    It was time for a change, so I hooked up with Jimbo at FU2 Chassis. I didn't know his damn shop was only 10 minutes from my house..... :cool: Well....anyhow.. I hadn't done anything cosmetic to my gold rhino in three years so it was time for a new cage atleast. I still have a big rebuild plan...
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    Yamaha Coolant resevoir mount????

    :confused: I have a chop n drop Rhino with the radiator in between the back of the driver and passenger's heads. Just wanted to know where about you guys with this set up are running your resevoirs. I know the overflow had to be higher than the overflow on the resevoir, but most of the cars i...
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    What's up peeps??

    Here I am a late bloomer to the UTV Underground world, but better late than never. No clutch sheave questions from me, so don't throw any rocks this way.... Just looking to chit chat with some coo peeps.

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