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    Chubbs gone,,but NEVER forgotten

    Today we had to go through the hardest thing we ever imagined in our life, we felt pain like we've never felt it before. Today Sherry and I had to put Chubbs to sleep. He had inoperable cancer in his lungs, it was the type of cancer that is very rapid and move very quickly from his lungs...
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    Protecting UTV Underground

    Our recent trip to Monmouth Lakes on the 4th of July Chubbs decided to stand a post an guard this very interesting pylon!
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    Joey D's Evil twin

    Hey Joey,,,,did you think I was gonna let you get away with the only flat black ride:D
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    Tragic strikes my home

    Yesterday morning started out like every other day,,when I noticed Chubbs wasn't getting up,I thought he was just being lazy but when I picked him up he's rear legs just folded to one side,not sure what to do I called UC davis medical center an rushed him over to the emergency center,after...
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    Rippin deal on HID'S

    I just ran across this site for a smoking deal on hid's HID Kits, BMW Aftermarket Bumpers & Lighting, DEPO - DDM Tuning
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    Electric R1 Shifter

    After prolonging what I'm gonna do for a shifter,the time has come to make up my mind as my turbo R1 comes to a finnish ,,should I or shouldn't I,,,so I pulled the trigger an bought it,this will allow for full throttle shit's at a push of a button!! Check out the vid below! Pingel Shifter for...
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    Stolen Rail

    Reward is being offer for info leading to recovery of this rail,,My friends trailer was stolen with his rail inside , some time Sunday 7/18/10 or early Mon. 7/19/10 from Bishop, CA. Car info-- Buggyworks Frame Maroon body/aluminum, silver suspension arms. 6.0 LQ9 block painted aluminum color...
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    All UTV's 184hp dyno video

    The guys at Street to Sand out of Reno NV.managed to squeezed 184 hp and 123 lb torque,,to the wheels,since then we took a trip up to Winchester Bay Oregon for a week an had a blast. YouTube - Rhino Turbo Rotax 95
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    Yamaha Trubo R1 Rhino

    Here's some pics of my next project in the works,the power plant is a 06 R1,we just installed the motor & rear diff,next in line is making the header installing the turbo,mounting the intercooler ,radiator an last but not least a electric paddle shifter setup that will allow me to up shift an...
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    All UTV's Updated,installed 1004 turbo

    Just dropped it in this weekend with some help from friends!!!
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    All UTV's 1004cc turbo Rotax

    Looky Looky whats sitting in my garagefinally after waiting all these months it's hereIt's a 1004cc billet big block cylinders,ported head,exhaust,intake,bigger valves,stiffer valves springs,different cams,head studs,and a comet clutch,,can't wait for Saturday to pull out the stock poopy 800This...
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    All UTV's Motor Swap

    Ok I know these are'nt UTVs,,,but I had a request for some pics:):):):):):)
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    No hotrod

    It's no HotRod but it get's the point across:D:D
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    SSV system

    I bought a complete SSW works system for the cruzer but what I found is you really need a second battery.
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    More smileys and need to be able to load more than 1 pic at a time;)Ilovvvvvvvvvvve to post pics!
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    All UTV's Turbo Rotax

    Thought I'd post some pics.I finished last year.
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    Just came over here to see what's going on,,lot's of familiar faces here,,,,,,,, it looks like a murdered out site...way cool guys.Just picked out another Rhino and I think it fit in just fine here:):)

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