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    Heads up, trailer maintenence.

    Bearing Buddies, are worth their weight in gold. No more fried bearings. Blue or Red Loctite on all trailer suspension bolts, is a must. I like to use a dab of anti-seize compound on the pivot points and wheel studs. Use a torque wrench, to tighten the lug nuts.
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    Other Snorkel Size Does Matter

    Wow, I got the chance to test the intake and Big Gun Fuel controller. Drifting the corners is a blast! I get full power (7500 rpm) @ over 7000' altitude.
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    Other Snorkel Size Does Matter

    I made a bigger snorkel, for more air, to keep up with the Big Gun fuel Controller. I used 2.5" [63.5 mm] silicon hose. The new K&N is over twice the size of the factory filter. The air box needed a bigger opening, so I heated it and stretched it out to 2.75". Snorkel size does matter, so...
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    hello from orange county

    Welcome, there's nothing like being in the UNDERGROUND.
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    Other FOX Shocks, add a Remote Reservoir?

    Thanks for the Info!
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    Other FOX Shocks, add a Remote Reservoir?

    I called today, but couldn't get through. I looked all through their web page again, just in case I missed something. This post was a shot in the dark, to see if it had ever been done.
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    Other FOX Shocks, add a Remote Reservoir?

    Yes, I think your right, that's the wrong photo. I'll call Fox tomorrow.
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    Other FOX Shocks, add a Remote Reservoir?

    Higher oil volume and smooth out the pressure spike of the Nitrogen.
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    Other FOX Shocks, add a Remote Reservoir?

    Dose anyone in the Underground, know if a remote reservoir, can be added to a Fox 2.0 air shock? :confused:
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    All UTV's panel thickness

    Have you looked into UHMWPE plastic? I like the recycled black. This stuff is used for dump truck bed liners. I manufacture a skid plate for the Redline Revolts. I like 3/8" for light recreation and light racing. I would use 1/2" to 5/8" for desert racing...
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    New to site forum

    Welcome to the UNDERGROUND!
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    I was watching the race on line and I wondered why your car had stopped. I glad everyone is OK.
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    New Guy from Utah

    I'll have to check into it.
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    New Guy from Utah

    Thanks every one.
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    New Guy from Utah

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    New Guy from Utah

    Hello. I was told by Red Rock Powersports to "Get Underground". So here I am. I ride a 2007 Redline Revolt around the Mountains in Northern Utah. Occasionally, I make it down the Little Sahara Sand Dunes and the desert trails around there. see ya around

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