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    California Dealers?

    The wife and I are likely going to buy a RZR 1000XP in the next week or so and I'm wondering about good dealers. Regarding price I've been all over the net and everybody without exception advertises MSRP minus the factory rebate, and a few go on to call that a sale. In your experience do the...
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    What's a used 2016 1000S worth?

    It is with heavy heart that I'm trying to help my Mother in Law place a value on my late Father in Laws RZR. I'm not trying to peddle it here but would like pointers on where and how to do so. As the title implies it is a 2016 1000S and I think it has 1,200 miles on it. He had it out on three...
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    Purchased truck - Now shopping for a Toy Hauler

    Well I'm committed now.... I bought a GMC Duramax 3500 4x4 (not dually) thinking that it wouldn't limit my choices terribly if we find a Toy Hauler that we like that happens to be just a little on the fat side. But with that said I have no idea what trailer to shop for. My wife is all in on...
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    Another noob from Bakersfield

    Howdy all, Just another guy here that tries to spend my spare time converting gasoline into noise. If there's dust kicked up in the process it's even better. I rode dirt bikes for about 40 years, but these days I like the cage and a cooler with drinks and lunch with me. Best, Bryan

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