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    Yamaha High Desert Rhino

    Sorry to disappoint you Joey; I doubt you will find one thing that is not original but what ever dude. Seats are lowered and retain the stock framing with lowering bases, sliders and latches, cage is one off no doubt and the doors well you will have to just wait but I can guaranty nobody has...
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    OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

    Good times guys, not going to try to remember It was good to see so many out there and looking foreward to doing it all again. Some kick azz rides they where, and a few drivers as well, lol... ok well maybe more then just a few :) props to UTV underground for getting it together.
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    OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

    man you guys better hurry up the party is all most over, carnige every where lol J/K drive safe...
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    Excerpts from the JoeyD Build Thread........

    Ha HA, dont get me wrong here. I dont beleive I mention Joey at all. As for the the statement that the "this thread is in its own little section called "the octagon". you kinda have to look for it, its not plastered on the home page like the "other forums". Not all log into the home page...
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    Excerpts from the JoeyD Build Thread........

    Wait ! am I in the wrong place? is this the good ol family UTV Underground? Starting to look like all the rest of the forums out there... Be nice to see one forum that one would not mind there family and kids were to visit. I'm just saying...
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    OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

    Ok loaded and ready, humm! was rolling out about 3am but dono now ha ha, maybe head out tonight? Hey, so i'm rolling on the 86 to 78 west. Am I going to see a sign that says COUNTY LINE ROAD? AND IS IT PAST THE BLUE INN? Thanks, Bruce
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    OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

    Looks like I'll be out there early friday am, see ya all there. Bruce
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    Rhino RX1 1000 Snowmodile motor

    Oh my my.....:)
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    Bee Canyon group ride

    Mike I have the stock exhust off my 07 if you need it, your wecome to it. let me know. give me a call next time you head out to OW, i'm always up for an outing.
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    Login Trouble?

    Login still no worky, Hme page i log in and says ty for loging in and redrects me. Then does not show me logged in. Click on todays post and lo and behold im logged in.... something screwey sometimes i can post othertimes it says i have to log in. All so Im not getting PM's rusty sent me...
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    Login Trouble?

    Been there tried that, When I log in on home page it continues to show the login. Then when I go to the forums like new post it shows me logged in. some time when i go to post it tells me I have to log in Ha! Ha! WTF? I just keep logging in, lol. It's all good.
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    Charity Desert Fun Run - Ocotillo Wells Saturday February 21

    Anybody going?
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    Ocotillo Wells Prez Day

    I'm thinking of comming out early Sat, where will you all be? anyone have GPS cords so i can find ya this time? Bruce
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    WTF, Forum is so big?

    Im on the site now on another puter runnuing a 20 inch monitor, has same problem. all been good till today.
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    WTF, Forum is so big?

    "I will see of we can shrink it but I dont think we can unless we do away with the photos on the homepage??? " Dude ya got to fix it, people aint going to scroll side to side for long. :)
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    WTF, Forum is so big?

    I'm using a 30in monitor, some reason when form loads it does not auto resize. was fine yesterday.
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    WTF, Forum is so big?

    IDK but when i open the forum its so big i have to scroll 2.5 inches to the right to see every thing. Whats up? is it me or antone else have this prob? Just happen to me today.
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    "Hello All"

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    Soboba GP - Head Count

    Just got in and had a great time, met alot of peeps. Ya Ya it rained some but must of us were able to get out to different areas of the track and watch, I had my Jeep and had a blast. You missed out Mike...
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    75 Rhino's Racing

    Ha Ha the real question is will it be raining ? lol I hate getting wet. Oh! I'm sure one of the 75 cars will win.
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    sick double front flip pro 4 truck
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    Kiiler Tri-cycle jump

    Ha Ha thats some funny shit there.
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    Soboba GP - Head Count

    SPECTATORS 1. Joeyd UTVUndeground 2. mikef 3. Eat Dirt 4. Papa V 5. Megadesertdiesel 6. Rusty5150 UTVUnderground 7. D34thw1sh Magnum 8. Mike Magnum 9. Carlos Magnum 10. FernandezRacing 11. [email protected]$heep 12. Eat Dirt 13. HighDesert_Rhino (Bruce) RACERS 1. Code 2. waytay
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    Soboba GP

    Are the UTV racing only on Sunday? and what time?
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    Do you guys work ?????

    Work ! ha! ha! are you serious...
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    One more Time

    Ha! Ha! Keep your dirty little paws off
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    Another Ga. boyz here

    Welcome... But ya know what they say..
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    spy photo, factory 4 seater

    I'm liking the full console.
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    One more Time

    Hey thanks for the welcome guys...
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    One more Time

    Ok Ok, I’m going to sign up on one more forum… Only cause it’s nice to hang out with friends at a Family setting. All that [email protected]#k, S2#$% and T*&^ is cool but does get old. Been lurking here a while now and I got to say mad props for you all that...

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