1. Matt Martelli - CEO

    New Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000

    Got the first drive yesterday of the New Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. These guys thought of a lot of stuff. Rather than just putting out a base unit that the aftermarket would have to fix eveything they went ahead and integrated a lot of "evolved" features. Eveything from and integrated CVT temp...
  2. Jafo

    All UTV's First Purchase Coming Up - Some Questions

    Thank you all for this website. I am about to purchase my first SXS this March and am looking for some guidance. What I need is a good utility SXS, that will be able to plow the kind of snow we get up here in the Tug Hill in northern NY. We average around 200" a year. During the other...
  3. C

    Can-Am First UTV

    I am currently looking to buy my first utv. I’ve been looking into the can am commander 1000 or possibly the Kawasaki teryx. I am on the heavier side (300 lb) and want something that could pull me through some trails pretty easily. And also use for work around the house. I grew up on quads but...

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