1. Dustin

    How to swap a Polaris RZR axle with Mike Cafro

    Owning these amazing machines the normal routine maintenance is to be expected like any vehicle. Yet, now and then you might encounter something a bit more than routine. Sometimes unforeseen fixes are required. Multi Baja winning quad rider, and factory Polaris RZR driver Mike Cafro explains...
  2. MTNTK Performance

    Double the Intake Air Surface Area of Your Polaris RZR Turbo Pro XP

    All New Big Air Intake From MTNTK Performance The all new Big Air Intake with High Flow Intake Tube from MTNTK Performance allows more airflow into the stock air box by doubling the intake air surface area of your Polaris RZR Turbo Pro XP. No longer will the factory vents be the only source...
  3. JT Holmes

    NEW Turbo S parts: Engine, Trans, Axles, Diff, Header pipe, Clutch....

    I bought a bunch of parts for my 2020 Turbo S thinking I was going to build a race car, and have a race program. Then life happened and I chose not to build a race car. These are NEW parts, Most are still in their boxes. Some are open box. FOR SALE is: THE Polaris Part numbers are on the left...
  4. D

    Full trophy truck body yxz

    This is a 2016 yxz manual shift 1200miles 80hr all stock but 30 mongrels(5), harnesses,chromoly cage,lowrance GPS. A full fiberglass body with functional doors/door panels,a headliner and flip frontend. The body is very sturdy and rigid with a steel skeleton underneath.the body is generic and...
  5. R

    Hello From Alabama! RZR with a Bad Engine

    Hey guys. New here of course. Inherited a 2014 1-owner, adult owned Polaris RZR 900 XP that for some reason has a knock/rattle in it and something keeps hitting the spark plug and closing the electrode. I'm here to get help on getting it going and HOPING it is a easy fix to avoid replacing the...
  6. utvwolfpack


    DISCOUNT CODE: UTVUNDERGROUND10 https://utvwolfpack.com/shop/polaris/ Hey guys! We wanted to share another discount code with our UTV Underground Family. Check out our store and make sure to use the discount code above for 10% off each item.
  7. XDR Off-Road

    Flowmaster and B&M Racing Introduce XDR Off-Road

    B&M Racing and Flowmaster have joined forces and are proud to introduce our new Powersports division: XDR Off-Road. All XDR performance products have been painstakingly designed for the ultimate in off-road performance. Developed to address specific weaknesses of the most popular side-by-sides...
  8. B

    Polaris BoonDocker Dominator

    Looking for the ultimate in performance for your Polaris RZR with a factory turbo? Fits all factory turbo (XPT, Dynamix, Turbo-S)
  9. R


    Hello just signed up and saying hi..
  10. G

    RZR 570 vs 900

    I am looking at getting a rzr (probably used) and am wondering the difference between the 570 and 900. To give you my situation, I am buying my wife a pitster pro 200 (she is 5ft tall and 95 lbs and can't reach the pedals of a normal sized rzr) and I will get a bigger one. She will take one of...

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