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Lloyd K Towne ll

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Dec 14, 2017
I am looking at trading my current bike in on a side by side. The two I'm looking at, neither or very local to me so I'm trying to find out as much as I can. Back ground info, I owned a 09 Teryx for a couple years. Liked it alot, wasn't too powerful but was still fun, rode like a brick though.

The two I'm considering are a 2018 Commander 800 dps and a used 2015 Wildcat Sport xt. The Wildcat has 525 miles and looks to be very clean. The commander, is brand new.

I'd be saving about $2k if I went with the Wildcat. My main concern is the 700cc vs the 800. My Teryx was a 750 and could have used more power every where. Any one here have or drive both and can give an honest opinion of the two?
I do like the bed option of the Commander as I would likely use it if I had it. But the lack of one on the Wildcat isnt a deal breaker. I'm also big, 6'2" 290lbs, so cockpit size, the wildcat seems better.

Any input is appreciated.

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