Bluewater Desrt Challenge Race Recap from 1931 Custom Creations

Custom Creations

Pretty In Pink #1931 Teryx - UTVUnderground Approv
Feb 9, 2009

Woo Hoo!!! So glad to be back racing with BITD! Custom Creations has had a busy couple of weekends!! Two weekends back to back racing! Good thing I kept the Teryx together the first weekend!! HA HA!!! Just Kidding! We were so excited to arrive in Parker Arizona on Friday! We got there just afternoon and wee ready to race! Tech went smoothly and we just settled in and got ready for a way early morning!! All though none of us slept good we had a good night! 5am came way too early! Lineup was at 5:45 1st car was off the line at 6:15. We were quite nervous since we did not have any light on the car... Just hoping for sunlight...QUICKLY!!! We were 7th row back in the UTV class...# 15 out of 18 to start! A car leaving every 30 seconds. Kevin and Tammy left the line and realized how dark it really was outside! He motored on, definitely impaired without light but determined to reach the front of the pack... The first lap was rough and pretty dusty! We had no radio communication so it was just nerve racking for us at the pit, then finally just 2 minutes after 7am we heard him come through! We could hear them coming way before we could actually see them! They were now in 9th position on the field and we were happy! They had a stop for about 45 seconds when the car just decided to turn off... Got back going and really had to pick up the pace! Day one we finished 5th place and due to time put us up in 4th! Our team couldn't be happier!! Day 2 would be hear way too soon! 1st on the list find a light!! Thanks to Lacrecia at Rockstar Customz for letting us borrow a light she drove all the way home to havasu and back so we could have light! Thanks girlie you rock! We felt so much better having light!! The guys got the car ready made a few changes and were ready! We were excited today we get to leave in the 2nd row, 4th position... We left and ran right into the mud then into rocks then into silt! The course was hammered!! And on top of the nasty course there was no breeze and NO VISIBILITY! 80% of the race was dusty and nasty, at times Kevin couldn't even see his hands on the steering wheel! They came through the pit in 3rd position fought back and forth for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with 1938 and 1937. We caught up to the leader 1932 just passed the pavement section and hung with him for a while. He pulled again and we were in the dust. 1932 Jumped out front and stayed there... Great race Man! We ended up crossing the finish line in 2nd position just 16 seconds before the 1937 car.. I knew it was close between us and 1937. We ended up taking a 3rd place win just 17 seconds behind 1937...What a race it was super fun on Saturday and tough on Sunday.. all in all we would do it again in heartbeat! Such great competition, everyone was just seconds apart.... Our team had such a great time and really think that we have the best class out there!!! It was great to see all the UTV racers out there.... You are such a great group of people...Thanks to our whole team, without each and everyone one of them.. this could not happen!!!
So our team co-driver Tammy went to the awards on Sunday night and got the first 5 official positions.
1st 1932
2nd 1937
3rd 1931
4th 1938
5th 1924
1938 and 1924 both had a roll over on the course.. and still managed to make it to the front. Awesome driving guys! We're looking forward to seeing you in Henderson!!!
Just to put in perspective how bad the course was... 186 cars started the race and only 96 finished! What an awesome accomplishment to even finish this race...
If we dusted out, sawed off or came to close to anyone out there. Kevin apologizes... He couldn't see anything! Please no hard feelings! Also sorry to whoever the camera guy was out there... you popped out of no where!! didn't mean to almost run you over....
Thank you to all our sponsors we could not do this without you!
Custom Creations, B &B Powdercoating, Wicked Built, Summer Brothers, Industrial Metal Supply, Rialto Trophy, Sick Cams, Starside Designs, PRP, Web Cam, UTV Underground, V Force John, DJ Safety, Pink Divas, Interstate Battery, Pro Armor and Sway Away!!!
A Special thanks to BITD and UTVRA for putting on and teching such an amazing event! And to UTV Underground for covering the event! Way to get involved Joey!


RoCkStAr CuStOm MoToRsPoRtS - UTVUnderground Appro
Sep 16, 2009
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Congratulations! You guys were awesome! No problem with the light. I know what good people you are and I know you would have done it for me. I also know that you will pay if forward! Wish I could have been competition for ya but glad that I could be there to help! See ya soon!

Custom Creations

Pretty In Pink #1931 Teryx - UTVUnderground Approv
Feb 9, 2009
thank you again!!! next time girl! cant wait for you to get back out on the track!! we miss you! really thank you so much!! And u know we r always here for u!!! I gave renee your light!!!

the stripping shop

RACER - UTVUnderground Approved
Jan 29, 2009
Nice story and write up are you guys going to race henderson. I see we got second that was close race. Thats my cousin levi in the class1 car being followed by tuba films. He was 15th the first day started 28th and on the second day broke an a-arm.


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
Great work to the entire Custom Creations Team! You guys were definitley on fire this weekend. Kevin can DRIVE!!!! We are proud to have you guys on our team and I cant thank you enough for being such great spoksemen/women for our sport!!! Keep up the great work and hope to see you all soon!

Thanks for posting all the pics!!

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