Desert Toyz Race report Parker 250 thinking of you Casey!

May 6, 2015
Parker Arizona, January 7, 2017:

Opening event of the BITD 2107 season and Can-Am Desert Toyz Race Team took 2nd Overall and 2nd in the Pro Production Turbo class, Cory and Darren Sappington out drove all but 1 in the field of 82, It was a great day of racing and the competition was fierce.

With the start of a new season, the excitement and pressure to do well in the opening race is high. This year is no different, and with the competition growing each race (39 Pro Turbo’s) this year looks to be the toughest. However the Can-Am Desert Toyz Race team was ready for the challenge and while the team is still working on the new X3 they brought their super reliable and fast 2016 Maverick to the event. Right off the line the Maverick got the jump by beating teammate Mark Burnett to the merge point, by midway pit RM 28 Cory 12th on track and one minute ahead of the leaders on corrected time, however as lap 1 completed the Maverick had 2 flats so the last 10 miles Cory had to drive on a flat. The crew made quick repairs and sent Cory off into the desert, when he approached midway a decision was made not to switch drivers as it would cost too much time, so after a quick fuel stop Cory was off again. Unfortunately toward the end of lap 2 similar fate hit the Desert Toyz team and again had 2 flats, one was fixed out on the course but the second the team repaired in the pit. With the problems we were about 10 minutes on corrected time behind leader, again as the Maverick approached the remote pit a tire went down; fortunately it was close enough to just drive to the pit where the crew was able to change the tire. Cory proceeded off to the finish with the leader about 10 minutes out and 2nd place 2:00 minutes out; the Maverick was fourth car on track physically. With this information Cory was determined to make up as much ground as possible, at the finish with a car that looked like a mudbogger he completed the race by finishing just 8 seconds ahead of 3rd to secure the 2nd place spot and a great start to the 2017 Best in the Desert season.

The Desert Toyz race team would like to thank all its sponsors for their support: Can-Am BRP, CST Tires, Elka Shocks, Tiger Lights, S3 Power Sports, Monster Seal, PCI Radios, Triple X Seats, Dirt Skins, Foddrill Motorsports, DWT Wheels and Shampa.15875550_1199955516787358_1340599481116073394_o.jpg
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