Good Luck Code Rahders!!!


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
dnf736 just hit me up!! They are getting ready to run the Phoenix Monster Jam!!!

UTVUnderground wishes you all the luck Doug and Code!!! Bring us home a W

dnf736 sent this pic taken minutes ago!!! One of the sickest lookin short course cars around!!



Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
Jan 15, 2009
Alpine, CA
Wow, what a difference compared to Anaheim, everyone raced clean, any contact was just racing. Others may disagree but they weren’t at Anaheim, it was clean.

Everyone from Podium Productions to stadium security to Feld Motorsports to the guy that told us where to park to the racers were awesome, we love racing in AZ. Thanks.

Great meeting Robert, Austin, Jacob, Dan, the guy in the other white car, can’t remember his name.

Jeff Weller came over and tweaked the carb on Codes car, thanks, that fixed it.

Congrats Austin on the win, hope it sold your car.

Makin Trax racers Jonny Pacheo and James Hill finished in the money and that’s great, they need it.

Jacob Person leveled the trophy stand when the “tube†that caught Jonny in the heats caught his wheel in the main, ruined his night and the promoters weren’t too happy but that’s what they get for putting the trophy stand on the floor.

Code got a great start in the main but got caught in the pile up by turn 3-4 and that was it, managed to get back into seventh by the checkers, he was happy but I need to add power steering, Code never got arm pump racing MX or his Super Stock but this new car is killing him.

The best part, a certain someone decided to play race car driver for the night and found out what it’s like to swim with the sharks, Robert needs to tell that story though.
All I can say is if he thought Phoenix was bad he shoulda raced Anaheim.

I’ve got video Ill edit and put up tonight.

Photo courtesy of Megdesertdiesel.

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