Polaris How about new shocks for Christmas?


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Apr 20, 2012
Why not try our Bilsteins. These shocks are priced competitively as compared to a resprung and revalved shock or if you are looking at a total replacement, we are up to a $1,000 less than any of the other name brand shocks on the market.

Our customers have been very happy with our XP900 2 Bilstein package. We are total believers in the all out performance that Bilstein has to offer. We are the only company in the country selling Bilsteins for the XP (900 and 1000), and we want you to experience what Bilstein has to offer.

Bilstein revolutionized the sport of off road racing. They were winning championships in all forms of motorsports before most other shock companies were even around. They are the OEM supplier to Porsche, Mercedes Benz, etc.. If you buy a truck that has a factory upgraded off-road package, chances are that it will be fitted with Bilsteins.

Bilsteins patented Deflective Disc technology will compete head to head with the highest end shocks. Why... well simply put the Deflective Disc technology was the first to control fluid transfer and speed sensitivity making for a consistent, smooth operating shock through the entire range of travel.

These shocks have been tuned for desert, dunes, trails and rocks. The XP1000 shocks come complete with crossover rings and a true dual rate setup, utilizing Eibach springs, which are the best the industry has to offer.

Rears for the XP1000 are the 9100 Bilstein race series with massive 2.5" x 12" remote reservoirs for cool and consistent performance.
Fronts for the XP1000 are the 7100 Bilstein race series with 2.0" reservoirs With DMCI low profile mounting rings.

XP1000 2 package

XP900 2 package - available with or without reservoirs
We are offering free shipping on shocks through the month of December too!! Give us a call if you have any questions 760-955-1409 .

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