Jade Helm Military Operation


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Jun 11, 2013
Well this has been some very interesting reading.

I do believe there is some merit to a couple topics touched on, being North Korea posing a threat at some point in time, Russia also posing a threat at some point in time, and that our foreign policy in the middle east is like a poorly written joke.

As far as the underground magnetic railroads and UFO's i would have to put on my tinfoil hat and do some research.[/QUOTE
One last link, then you're on your own. I came across this link today, and it perfectly summarizes all of the research ive been doing in one straight forward,fact-filled video. I feel so bad for the men who are entrusted to protect their families. I honestly don't think they can be saved. Ones physical existence will depend on many factors, the main one being whether or not God planned for anyone to survive.what is just a short time away. I know it is difficult to even perceive that most all of the comforts that we have enjoyed over our ENTIRE lifetime, will soon no longer be available. The bad news is this:

There IS a celestial entity, on a 3600 year orbital cycle, that IS on it way back towards our sun. It is the same object that passed through our solar system 3;000+ years ago that Noah built the ark for. You may know it as Planet X, or "Niburu". We have perhaps only months to prepare, if at all even possible, for this mass extinction event. I guess aside from seeking higher ground, and securing guns, water, and non-perishable foods, there is not much more that most can do.
Get control of ALL your assets ASAP. Martial law is fast approaching, and it's implementation will substantiate what I have been warning people of for over a year now.
IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO WATCH OR ACT UPON THIS LINK, THEN YOU HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM THE PERILS THAT LIE AHEAD. Shit's not happening some time later down the line. It will manifest itself in just a few short months. IT IS GOING DOWN NOW, AND YOUR GOVERNMENT WILL OFFER NO WARNING OF IT'S ARRIVAL , AS THEY MOVE THEIR INTERESTS UNDERGROUND. So be vigilant, and Godspeed to you and your family. Not a bad time to embrace the gospel, I'd say. And no, I haven't gone off the deep end. When I was a happily married man, the glass was always 1/2 full. I never would have considered this event as a real possibility. In the last 5 years, that glass has been emptying rapidly, and allowed me to see things as they they are. Without fear. Without care. Like the phrase goes in the underground, "I have no dog in this fight". Not anymore. BRING IT BITCHES!


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