Let FOX Refresh Your Shocks - Get FREE FOX Swag!!! Check it out!!!


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego

The season is over for most of us here on the West Coast, so its about this time that we all begin to think about servicing and upgrading our machines in anticipation for the fall / winter riding season. One thing that is often overlooked is proper maintenance on your Shocks.

Fox offers a basic service of shocks where they put fresh oil and inspect the inner-workings of the shocks. This basic service costs only $120.00 per pair of shocks. FOX also offers a re-valve service where you can have your 2.0 or 2.5" FOX UTV shocks re-valved with a RACE TUNE, DESERT TUNE, or TRAIL TUNE. This service cost's only $225 per pair! All tunes in detail are listed here: http://www.ridefox.com/service.php?m=utv&ref=servicehome

FOX has been a huge proponent for servicing your FOX shocks. They understand that if you keep the oil fresh and the shocks properly sprung that inherently you will be happier as a customer and as an off-road enthusiast running their products. So to help encourage servicing your shocks with FOX, they alongside us have come up with a pretty cool incentivized package for you FOX customers.

Here is how it works. FOX wants to give any of you UTVUnderground.com members / fans / readers a sticker pack and one lucky service customer a HUGE box of goodies as reward for sending in your FOX shocks for service or upgrade or both. They will announce this customer on August 30th 2013. If UTVUnderground gets enough referrals in then they may even pop off a second drawing for a BIG box of FOX goodies!!

To get your shocks serviced you can visit the link here: http://www.ridefox.com/service.php?m=utv&ref=servicehome
When you apply make sure to tell them you were referred by UTVUnderground.com, this will be the only way you will get entered.



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Jan 17, 2009
Take it over to Brads after the July ride and strip them off and send them in. Easy smeazy bro

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