Lucas Oil Regional Shootout, Last Day for Discounted Admission


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Feb 11, 2013

Information you won't want to miss...
The deadline for pre-purchasing Weekend Admission to the event at a discounted rate has been extended until midnight! Visit the "Pre-Register" page at to purchase. The price is $10/day per person and will be $15/day at the gate. Make sure you include a valid mailing address as tickets will be mailed to the address you provide. Contact with any questions.

Please take advantage of the pre-registration online, available now at Visit the "Pre-Register" Tab and locate your class to select your desired event. If you already paid for Round 7 during the Rain-out in September, all you will need to do is the Saturday and Sunday entry.

If anyone is interested in donating any monetary or other prizes to add to the purse for a class for the Weekend Shootout, please contact Tim Jones at

Other Important Information:

PLEASE NOTE: There is now only 1 Throw-out Round with the best 7 out of 8 Rounds that will count toward your Championship. Make sure you pre-register for Friday, November 7th if you were not in attendance during Round 6 & 7 in September. Saturday, November 8th Round 8 will be the LAST POINTS RACE of the season.

Round 7 will be Main Events only, there will be no qualifying. There will be 3 Qualifying Points awarded to each participant and the running order will be based on current points standing with no inversion.

Practice will be held prior to the main events on Friday, November 7th beginning at 12:30 until 4 p.m. and will be open to anybody that is participating during the weekend events, the Shoot-out or the Reschedule Race.

Remember to bring your wristband from the rained out day (either Weekend Admission or Saturday Only) in order to receive credit for Friday admission only.

Regarding Points Fund, the make-up race Round 7 will be the last race that contributes to the Points Fund.

We are working on securing a date and location for our 2014 Awards Banquet and will have information very soon.

The 3rd Annual Lucas Oil Regional Shootout with all Series will be held the weekend of November 7th - 9th at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona. The previous years the Shootout was held in Las Vegas, then Lake Elsinore, and each was a great turnout and full of exciting racing. All Regional Series will be participating, including Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona.
"We are expecting a great turnout this year, including racers from 4 states and 2 countries. I have received many inquiries to date regarding the event; I know it will be an epic weekend full of battles and hard racing," states Tim Jones, Director of Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona. Saturday, November 8th will be the final round for Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona, and will provide the starting grid for Sunday's shootout. Saturday will be the normal format with Qualifying first then the Main Events. The Main Events on Sunday, November 9th will be lined up by the finishing order from Saturday, in which the winners of the Main Events on Saturday will do a pill draw for Sunday's Shootout. The inversion will be either 0, 2 or 4.
A $50 per 2-day entry purse will be awarded to the Shootout Champions and will be split by the top 3 in each class. "We are working with several sponsors to add to the purse sizes with products or more cash. If anybody is interested in donating to a class, please contact me to discuss," Tim Jones. The Shootout Champions will be crowned on Sunday, November 9th.

The Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona is announcing that they are hosting the 1st Lucas Oil Regional Spartan Cup that will be held during the Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series' Shootout Saturday November 8-9th. All desert truck racers are invited to participate. The format will be the same as the Regional Shootout in which Saturday will consist of Qualifying and then Main Events. The grid will be set on Sunday, November 9th from the winner of Saturday's Main Event. There will be a pill draw by the winner of the main event on Saturday of either 0, 2 or 4. $50 from each weekend entry will be added to the purse for the Champion which will be split by the top 3 winners. "There is expected to be a very good turnout for this class, the track is awesome and there will be really good racing! We are working with several sponsors to add to the purse sizes with products or more cash. If anybody is interested in donating to increase the purse, please contact me to discuss," Tim Jones, Director of Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona.

Event Schedule for November 7th-9th

Daily Schedule:

Friday: Nov 7th Round 7
(WHP) Racer Gate opens 7:00 AM
Registration/Tech 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Staff safety meeting 12:15 PM- 12:25 PM
**Practice ($50 Practice fee) 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Crew Lunch/Track Prep 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Spectator Gate opens 3:00 PM
Drivers Meeting (Mandatory- Roll call) 5:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Main Events (Make Up Race) 6:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Main event lined up by points no inversion every racer will receive 3 qualifying points.

Saturday: Nov 8th Round 8
(WHP) Racer Gate opens 6:30 AM
Registration/Tech 7:30 AM- 1:00 PM
Staff safety meeting 8:00 AM
Drivers Meeting (Mandatory- Roll call) 8:15 AM
Spectator Gate opens 9:00 AM
Qualifying (6 laps) 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Crew Dinner/Track maintenance 12:00 PM- 12:30 PM
Main Events (10 Laps) 12:30 PM- 6:30 PM

Sunday Nov 9th "Shootout"
(WHP) Racer Gate opens 6:30 AM
Registration/Tech 7:30 AM-10:30AM
Staff safety meeting 7:45 AM
Drivers Meeting (Mandatory- Roll call) 8:00 AM
Shake Down / Hot laps- "by request only" 8:30AM - 9:00AM
Spectator Gate opens 9:00 AM
Shootout Main Events! (14 Laps) 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Shootout Main event line up based on Saturday finish, Saturday winner will pick inversion pill 0, 2 or 4.

$50 per 2-day entry will go to the cash purse paid out on Sunday's finish.


**Running Order and Class grouping may be changed depending on car count**

Qualifying 6 Laps
Heat 1.Jr2 Karts
Heat 2.Jr1 Karts
Heat 3.Unlimited UTV/1000cc Production and Stock RZR
Heat 4.Limited Buggy
Heat 5.Pro 2/Pro4
Heat 6.Mini Stock
Heat 7.SR1 Championship
Heat 8.Modified Kart
Heat 9.Pro-lite & Pro Buggy Unlimited
Heat 10.Full Stock, Open V8 & Mini Mod Trucks
Heat 11.Desert Truck

Main Events
Main 1.Jr2 Karts
Main 2.Jr1 Karts
Main 3.Unlimited UTV/1000cc Production and Stock RZR
Main 4.Limited Buggy
Main 5.Pro2/Pro4
Main 6.Mini Stock
Main 7.SR1 Championship
Main 8.Modified Kart
Main 9.Pro-lite & Pro Buggy Unlimited
Main 10.Full Stock, Open V8 & Mini Mod Truck
Main 11.Desert Truck

Co-riders allowed in: $40 co-rider
Desert buggy classes, Full Stock Truck, Open V8 truck, Ultra 4X4, Mini Stocks and Mini Mod truck

For further information, contact Tim Jones at:

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