Modify Your Maverick? Win a Swag Pack!!!


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego

So as prepares to take possession of our 2013 Can-Am Maverick we have began to think, how are we going to modify our Maverick? Sure we have lots of ideas from graphics to chassis to accessories but as we try to connect with our readers we truly want to know exactly what you would do and in what order of importance. So we propose this question to you, our Forum members - what would you do to modify your Mavericks? Who knows, we may do exactly what you recommend but what we can guarantee is the member with the build list we like the most is going to receive a UTVUnderground Swag Pack curtesy of!

Tell us what factory accessories, what tires, wheels, shocks, chassis, graphics, interior and accessories you would put on your Maverick, or that you have put on your Maverick and then we will tell you next week whose ideas we like best!

Makin' Trax

Got Shocks? - UTVUnderground Approved
Jan 27, 2009
I would put on a set of Makin Trax Dual Rate Springs, have IMG Motorsports build me a badass cage and bumpers, install Pro Armor Doors, Seats & Belts. Then I would put the biggest UTV Underground sticker I could get across the doors. :D is that sucking up enough?


too tall for the rzr
Aug 15, 2011
so cal
1. sdr cage
2. light bar
3. winch
4. leapord skin seat covers
5. strobe light interior light
6. high heel scuff gaurds
7. dollar bill holder for drive thru strip clubs
8. quick release stripper pole mount
9. rear cargo keg mount with parker pumper helemt tapper hose
(for the new helmet law)
10. BLM detector
11. utvug swag bag
12. and me as the driver (after you cut and remove 4 inches from left and right side of the dash.


Jan 15, 2011
Northern California
Magnum offroad cage and roof with custom rear amber,red and blue roof wing lights
Custom King 2.5 or 3.0 bypass shocks front and rear
Rugged radios 686 kit 2 person and car to car/car to camp
Rigid 40"E series roof light bar and d2 spots on A pillars with a 20" Sr series on a front bumper
Silber turbo kit
Stm clutches
Pro armor doors
Factory Utv skids
Warn Xt40 winches front and rear
Viair onboard air system
Paddles and smoothies on OMF Beadlocks
Twisted Stitch heated seat
Simpson 5 point 3" harness
Led flag whips
Custom sound system
Custom wrap
Led under body lights
More to add
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The Dalek
Jun 26, 2012
Melbourne Australia
Basically rebuild it as a MWB BITD desert racer as I dont believe the current LWB configurations are "optimal"

1. sdr cage with front nudge and rear +4" overhand with tailgate
2. Bed replacement kit to suit Tank, tyre wells, gas cans, lock box, etc
3. +4" width on travel +2" forward wheels, +4" - +6" rear offset rear wheels - Holz - Huge oversize coil over shocks - Walkers
4. Proarmour seats, 5 point harness, Custom steering collar and aluminum dash. Rugged radios racing radio's etc.
5. 9" Light bar to front bumber, 4" Rigid pro light to a pillars and 30" light to SDR built in I have seen previously somewhere,
6. GMC tyres for season
7. Any good bead lock wheels - STI or try GMC's new one.
8. Fully plug and play display lighting for underbody and in cab as well as removable interior roof mounted stereo kit for displays, full replacement custom aluminium plate dash, mounts for Lowrance obviously. Custom centre console to adopt a small cooler as well as the comms gear.
9. Full Factory UTV UHMW to arms and under body as well as rocksliders.
10. Have Factory UTV develop UHMW body panels instead of sheet metal. if no where else on the vehicle have them develop a UHMW firewall at front and if they are up for it develop range of body panels develop larger head fixing system to save you have to replace them if you roll.
11. get fully customised canvass bag made for rear for when you want to recreational instead of racing. with removable mounting bracket to fit above racing tank.
12. Holz clutch kit. or Muzzy engine work and exhaust as allowed by rules BITD.
13. Dual "Banshee" horn kits
14. custom Vinyl wraps in name chosen by winner and winners name
15. full over stereo bar like Jeep TL removable for races and put back for recreation.

That should about do it!! - maybe.
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New Member
Jan 25, 2012
Its not what i would do Its what i will do..
I would make a chromoly cage
Kutvek America Graphic kit
Stand alone ecm
STM clutch
carillo rods
Arp stud
High compression Piston
Muzzy exaust
EGT Tach
HYper dakar
Proarmor seat and harness...

And i will post all that in the build up section


Extra Crispy
Oct 25, 2011
I would do a multi mount winch, front and rear bumpers, cage with roof and 40" led light bar, 30x14 gbc mongrels on OMF bead locks, factory utv skids, led light on bumper,A pillar led's, rear led's, on board air, new seats, race radio and intercom, and a looney tuned exhaust. Big wish list, but a guy can dream lol!


Well-Known Member
Jan 25, 2009
Mesa, AZ
low pro race style!!!!

low pro cage with window nets
Sparco seats lowered as low as you can
Sparco steering wheel
custon fuel cell at the passengers feet and under seat
5 point padded harness
hyper beadlocks with old school bighorns
Wicked built power steering
MUZZY exhaust
Weller Racing intake
10" Rigid lighbar in front bumper Glazzworks style bumper
two 10" and one 20" lightbar on roof with actuator
Rugged race radio
fire supression system


New Member
Feb 25, 2013
Santa Fe, Texas
Here is my 2013 Maverick X project called "Coon Hunter" that is almost complete to be used for night hunting pigs/coons and also tearing up trails in the Texas hill country and playing at local mud parks! I will post complete list of modifications and custom parts next week after completion.

Wild Bill
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