New GMZ Ivan Stewart tire coming soon.


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May 13, 2012
The new GMZ Ivan Stewart edition tire is coming soon! This is just not some signature series where Ivan has his name on the side and collects a paycheck. This is a brand new tire that Ivan & GMZ worked hand in hand in developing.

I wont say anymore, but it should be here soon with all the specs!



Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
Our Latest creation, the Ivan “IRONMAN" Stewart Edition UTV/SXS tire by GMZ Race Products Inc.

Our GMZ engineers and 10 time Off Road Champion Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart have teamed up to develop the ULTIMATE SXS/UTV race and recreational tire.
This is the real deal!

Our goal at GMZ was to develop the best SXS/UTV race and recreational tire so, we teamed up with the best, Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart.

Ivan went to a flat tread design with strategically placed tread blocks. This design will tackle the three main elements when racing… durability, handling and traction in all types of terrain such as rock, mud, Baja silt, sand and pavement.

Once the tread pattern was completed our engineers went to work creating a durable 8ply DOT radial construction that will hold up to Ivan’s punishment. With an addition of an innovative shoulder lug that extends down the sidewall that will help deliver extra traction in soft terrain and was also designed to deflect rocks and avoid sidewall punctures. With our specially engineered compound and 100% natural rubber used we were able to create a tire that can deliver the power to the ground, keep you in control at all times and most important pass the Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart test.

With all this performance packed into this tire our engineers were still able to keep this tire on the light side at only 40lbs. The Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart Edition tire by GMZ is available in size 30x9.50-15 and is affordably priced at $239.95 MSRP. Many more sizes to follow in 2016.

Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Edition tire will be at the BITD - UTV World Championship Race Feb. 18-20th in Laughlin, NV for your opportunity to get a hands-on feel.

About GMZ Race Products Inc.:

GMZ was co-founded by three partners with over 35 years of combined race and design experience. With Brandon’s and Scott’s racing background ranging from Go Karts, ATV’s/UTV’s to NASCAR and just about everything in between, you can be sure you are getting a quality product. Combined with Paul’s extensive background in CAD designing, you can be sure to have one of the strongest wheels and tires available on the market today.

Our GMZ ATV/UTV and Karting products have been thoroughly tested and approved by many top racers and enthusiasts alike. Our wheels and tires have withstood some of the roughest deserts and racetracks. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast or a full time racer, we have superior products at superior prices. So if you’re looking for a product to give you that edge, think GMZ!


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May 13, 2012
Thanks Joey! I learned about this new tire and deal, last September from the guys at GMZ and have been excited to see the finished result. I expect we will see a 32" out shortly and racing on a few cars. I'm also hoping we see a 28" for those UTV's that don't have the HP or where a 30 or 32 is just to big for the vehicle.

My last Baja play trip we ran the GMZ Cutthroat with great success. I expect this will be even a better tire.


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Jun 21, 2015
Wickenburg, AZ
Cool looking tire but it still weighs as much as a LT tire. I am more excited about the Maxxis Liberty after hearing it is supposed to weight just a touch over 30 pounds.


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Feb 10, 2009
The 15 inch wheels move the weight even farther out and affect the car more than it would on a 14 inch wheel plus allow less rim protection.


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Apr 10, 2012
houston ms
You can buy a OMF nxg wheels for $379, and yes that is more than other mfg's, but when you only have to buy once, it makes a huge difference. We have been racing bitd and utv rally raid (east woods racing) since 2014, and have NEVER had a wheel fail. I have run several other "top" brands, and have always had one fail.

sand shark

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Mar 30, 2009
West Hills, CA
Really Joey.....Tell me who can afford OMF wheels, those things light but are big bucks. Aren't they something like $700 per wheel.....for the good ones that is.
The NXg wheel is only around $350 per wheel. Then add in the cost of the BFG at over $200 a tire. So totally affordable! LMAO!

If I had the money that is the wheel I would run.


Oct 29, 2009
Yes good point OMF are expensive. I can buy TT wheels for that cost!

These tires look very nice, and I would like to see them on a 14 inch wheel too.

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