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    Sep 12, 2016
    Hi all,

    Looking to get in UTV riding but need some help deciding what machine is best for me. I live in a area that is about 15 min from mountain trail riding one way and 15 min from open desert riding the other way. There are alot of big washes and some pretty gnarly climbing areas. I would prefer to ride all terrains, but want some speed too. I like the idea of rzr xp but don't know how it would perform on the smaller trails. Equally I like the teryx but not sure if it has the power/speed/suspension travle for the open desert.

    Does anyone own a bad boy stampede? I know they are fairly new but I had the chance to sit in one and really liked it.

    Advice is welcome, should I look at used, what is the best jack of all trades (in your opinion)?



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    Welcome from the central coast of California

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