Pretty excited, our Black Pearl XP1K is...


shipping on Friday.
I didn't think I'd buy another ride, figured the 08 Teryx was it. We did have a lot fo fun with it, and it was a much improved machine wit the LT on it, but it was way down on power and I didn't want to drop a fortune on it to turn it into something it wasn't.
And then we saw the new XP in person, and when I saw the Black Pearl I was lost.
So the Teryx has a new home. And sometime next week we will have a new XP1000 2 seater in the garage.
Not going to go nuts with this one, first is seats, with my back I gotta have seats. Seats and harnesses, then we will find a good knock-down radius cage kit, and then some tunes.
I can't wait.


Well we got it. Like the color so much that I spent a day or two with the heat gun...:D

I left the "XP" stickers behind the doors. I am going to get metal doors at some point and by then I hope to have cracked the code for the color so I can paint the doors the same color.
Then I will wait for my buddy to come out from back east again, and bring his paint stuff...and the final tricks will be applied.

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