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Jan 22, 2009
Goodyear Az
First obama gets power and now joey, god help us. What's next-KYLE?
LOL thats great he is here i think he may have quit today after i read his post from this morning. its funny that few min after his post i get a email saying check this place out


Jan 9, 2009
Look, we are not big on rules. But we have to lay some basic rules down to try and keep the UTV Underground running smoothly and fairly. Understand that none of the mods are nazis and we do not want to edit or delete posts and we certainly do not want to ban anyone....but we will! So please try to remain respectful, and please try to abide by the few rules we have!

  1. Watch yo mouth! You know the words you shouldnt say. Somethings we will let slide but remember that there will be youngsters and hunnies running around in here so lets respect the women and children and keep the foul language to a minimum.
  2. NO PORN! This is not a XXX site and we intend on keeping it that way. There is 5 billion other sites on the web dedicated to porn so go get your fix over there! We can all appreciate a hottie and if you do post one make sure she is covered in all the right places, por favor!
  3. Dont bash Vendors.......unless you got SOLID proof they screwed you. A vendor could be a shop, dealer, or aftermarket retailer. If your first post in the Underground is a post bashing a vendor dont be surprised if we delete it. This is not a place to come just to smash on people. If you have a legitimate issue then you better have photo and or written documentation that you are also willing to share!!
  4. Try to remain on topic! We know how easy it is to get off track in a forum. And in a lot of cases that is ok. But especially in the Tech and Racing sections lets try to remain on topic. And PLEASE post your threads in the appropriate catagory. We will move threads as needed.
  5. NO Trolls! We know that there are a few people that join forums just to be jerks and stir the pot. If we recieve complaints and you continually break the rules you will be sent on a LOOOOOONG vacation!!
  6. HAVE FUN!! Thats the most important thing here. We have to lay some ground rules but we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves here!!
So as you can see, not a huge list of rules. Pretty simple and we hope you understand!

Thanks for participating in the UTV Underground!
I just wanted to bump the rules again. There is some new members and I want to remind everyone about LANGUAGE.

Hawk 39

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Mar 18, 2013
No problem with these rules, especially 1,2,3,4,and 5. Rule number 6 follows from the first 5!
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Feb 26, 2011
So Cal
Never saw these before but just makes sense. Don't be an ass sums it up.

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