We have a new President, Donald Trump


Apr 21, 2014
Just wondering how all of the Trump believers feel about his cabinet appointments. If you still believe that he is going to be any different than any past president with such appointments then you are in straight denial. Cabinet appointees tell you more about a candidates true intentions more than anything. Same thing happened with Obama. He got everybody excited and promised to give everyone the change they desired after Bush and then immediately showed the country just how serious he was when appointed lobbyists and people with corporate ties and interests in the exact same manner that Trump is now doing. He might drain the swamp but he is just refilling it with the same water as before. The swamp needs to be drained and filled with new water. He just drained it and put the same rotten and corrupt water as before with his cabinet appointees. Now, though, because everyone just trusts him blindly he will be able to get even more done for the moneyed elite, a class which he is very proud to be a part of. One man can not change an extremely corrupt system. "An uneducated populace in a democracy becomes a tyrant unto itself worse than any dictator or monarch." Alexis deTocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835. Whet
Which appointments are you referring to exactly? Preibus? Bannon?

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