Who is UTVUGJake???


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
Well I figure by now you regulars have seen this UTVUGJake guy posting up all kinds of cool stuff. So I figure its time I formally introduce you to this mysterious new contributor here on UTVUG.

UTVUGJake is Jake Yubeta. Those who frequent the Lucas Oil Regional race series may recognize the name. Jake has been racing a Polaris RZR XP900 for the past year or so, he is also an avid off-road fan.

UTVUnderground.com has grown tremendously since 2009 when we first launched. Since our launch we have gone from being just a forum to a recognized source of first hand knowledge and information surrounding the UTV sport. We have also morphed into a full tilt media company that offers video, editorial and photography services and our homepage has turned into one of the most visited UTV pages in the world. Our social media ranks amongst the top in our sport as well.

While I will never take full credit for this growth because many have helped make this happen, I will say that the good and bad of UTVUG has and probably always will rest on my shoulders. With the growth has come a crazy schedule putting me on the road a good majority of the year and has increased my responsibilities prohibiting me from doing all the little things that helped us make this site so great. Luckily we have always had guys like Rusty that support and love this site and sport as much as I do, but Rusty like all of you has a real job still. He doesn't consider what I do a real job, its more like a real F-Off Job.. lol

While the Forum has taken a back seat to all of the growth in content generation it is still the foundation of who we are. I love this forum, and I love the membership, old and new. Its you guys who really have made the site what it is. The hard work I put in is nothing without you guys and I know that. So that is where UTVUGJake comes in.

Jake joined our team here at UTVUG a couple weeks ago. Jake is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona. I will let him explain what his degree is in but it has to do with drawing stuff on computers that then go into machines to make more cool stuff.. Its pretty cool.. So he is smart. He is young, but most importantly he loves this sport and loves off-road. The fact that he races a UTV is only icing on the cake!

Jake is here to do all the stuff I can't get done on my own anymore, the important day to day stuff like keeping you all posted on the daily news and developments from around our industry. He is posting all those race reports I couldn't get up, the PRs from companies, the new product releases and yes, he is going to help me with even MORE GIVEAWAYS!

If Rusty is my right hand man, then Jake is my left. He loves to tinker and wrench, so do I, I just can't do it, but he can which means more product install threads and product reviews. More build threads on our UTVUG builds and lots more daily sharing of content from other parts of the web.

Anyway, I just want you guys to know whats going on and to welcome Jake. He is a huge addition to our growing site, our first true employee hire and hopefully the first step in helping UTVUG continue to grow into being the best source for UTV content and information.

So let me be the first to say, Welcome to the site Jake!! We are stoked to have you on the team!

Joey D.


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Jun 11, 2013
He did just pop up out of no where, didn't he? Good to see that Joey D. is busy enough to warrant a FT employee, I assume. Welcome Jake. I'm happy to hear that you are not technically challenged! I'm sure you will be an asset worth having on board.


May 3, 2013
And here I thought it was one of Money Bags employees spamming the forum. LOL TOTALLY JOKING !

Welcome Jake.. congrats on doing what your passionate about for $$... that's awesome, and fairly rare.

Ali Baba

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Sep 13, 2010
Met jake at the sand show. Nice dude that hands out free stuff! Jk! Welcome, jake!


too tall for the rzr
Aug 15, 2011
so cal
i meet jake at the sand show as well. good kid. hung out with him a couple times. he was pretty busy in the booth and when not in the booth. he helped me and devsrzr try to do a group photo but the crowd went mia. so next time for sure. i go to all the glen helen regionals so im sure i watched him race this year, which is a goal of mine as well. congrats and welcome.


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Sep 16, 2009
Lake Havasu City, AZ
I also met Jake at the Sand Show. He made a point to seek me out and introduce himself. Nice a kid and is doing a great job here on the forum. Welcome Jake!


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Feb 11, 2013
Thanks for the welcome and all the kind words everyone! I’m really happy to be a part of the UTVUnderground team and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in an industry that I’m passionate about.

Like Joey said, I recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve always been a typical lego kid, and I’ve always loved to race. I ran ATVs in the WORCS and Quadcross series’ in high school, then a mini stock ranger for a couple years in the AZ regionals, ran a Superlite for 6 months until that fell apart (ooof…..still hurts), and then found my way into a RZR! I'm also super into multi-rotor r/c copters, physics and long walks on the beach:D

Some of you guys I know in one way or another and I hope to meet many more at all the events! If anyone’s going to be at the Off-Road Expo this weekend stop by the booth or stop me as I’m scouting the show, I’ll be the tall dude in the UTVUG shirt with a camera:cool:


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Jan 17, 2009
What, Jake from State Farm, Ha ha , Jake is a great fit and a talented racer. See ya at Expo bud!

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