Yamaha Yamaha YXZ 1000 Chronicles?


Mar 15, 2014
Transmission gear ratios

1st- 2.059
2nd- 1.545
3rd- 1.192
4th- .962
5th- .806

Transmission output reduction.


Transmission input reduction


Axle ratio



Banned Por Vida
Mar 29, 2015
For desert racing we all know it's not how fast you can go, but how long can you go fast. With a belt drive you can not keep the car flat footed at 85 MPH across a 10 mile lake bed or 40 miles of long fast Nevada/Baja roads without blowing the belt. With a 5 speed gearbox like this YXZ that will no longer be a problem especially if this thing will do 100MPH like they claim it will. This car has a lot of potential right now to go out and win races. But one thing is for sure, Polaris and Can-am do not like getting beat and they will come up with something of their own sooner than later.
I would be inclined to believe that..yet a lot of racers on here currently running the (suddenly) outdated XP drivelines are constantly bragging as to how the current (turbo) XP driveline doesn't even have a reliability advantage (over theirs)...and how they can run the original design all year long in the desert with not a lick of problems or the fear of same.

This has been the year of the driveline (in desert racing and in the showroom) vs what one would've believed to be 'the motor' with the largest single horsepower jump in UTV history this side of the Rhino and subsequently the the Rzr. Honda fired the first shot earlier this year...enthusiasts heard it loud and clear.

I'm curious to see just how long these trannies and clutches last with young(er) people banging gears like it's a high end sports car or video game...

500 MIKE

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Jul 7, 2014
Spring Valley CA
Sorry for my absence. I have been busy moving, and my desktop is not hooked up. I hate this mini keyboard tap talk shit. I'm too old for it. Good news is I was contacted by a member, and he gets his yammy on monday.i really need to get a mental head start. Kind if wrap my sloshy brain around the car. Just seeing the chassis in person will afford me a few key decisions. Will the mods for a front steer conversion be overly extensive? What real estate is available for upper shock mounts? What does the factory cb joint alignment look like, and does it favor extending the wheelbase? That's what sucked about the polaris is that you couldn't extend the wheelbase without sacrificing drive train reliability (well that amongst other things). I'll try to chime in Monday after seeing the new baby ute. This is an exciting time for me and our sport. I'm anxious to exercise my brain because it surely ain't happening at my 6-2:30 union job.
Hey Reid,
How about a visit with some cold Stouts to enjoy. Shoot me a message and I'll bring the cold ones. Can't wait to see the new project get the BADASS treatment applied to it

///Airdam Clutches

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Nov 14, 2014
watched a vid yesterday of a guy running one down the street.

1st gear - 2nd gear change was at 28-30mph WHEW 1st gear is mighty tall! but the most exciting part is he didnt shift into 5th gear untill 73mph!! that machine is easily geared to run 100mph if it has the power to pull it there!

bounty hunter

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Nov 9, 2014
this was a built worcs xp1000 that dasa claims puts down 105hp to the wheels, and the yamaha only has the dasa exhaust and their fuel controller

///Airdam Clutches

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Nov 14, 2014
i watched the video. and i have to say... thats either the slowest built XP known to man, or the driver of said XP isnt full throttle. that run was nearly 500ft. in 500ft a built RZR is doing well over 65mph. when that RZR passed the camera man he was barely going 50-55. not knocking the yammie, but that XP just isnt up to snuff one way or another. it was SLOOOWWWW. it wasnt pulling any MPH once it got close to and passed the camera man.


Jan 11, 2015
Houston, Texas
i hope that RZR wasn't really full throttle, because that Yamaha just walked the dog on it....RZR for sale
Anyone can make a video showing whatever they want but I have yet to see one that is anything close to what I'd consider a scientific test. At the very least if your going to depict the Rzr as a slug then you need to establish that the car is typical and clutched right etc. Like running it against other Rzrs or showing that its clutched right and running proper rpm etc. That eliminates the speculation video was rigged. Which in some cases seems pretty obvious.

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