FOX is at it again, this time in partnership with Polaris, introducing the all-new FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics (iRD) Live Valve -RZR DYNAMIX™. Modern electronics paired with tried & true proven coil-over shock technology has finally come together to give you dampening for your Polaris RZR like you have never experienced before. is here to give you a first look at this new technology and bring you first person review and details this week as we spend time behind the wheel of the all-new 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo DYNAMIX™ featuring iRD FOX Live Valve shocks.

FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics (iRD) Live Valve -RZR DYNAMIX™

  • Live Valve: Fast acting, semi-active shock technology
  • Live Valve continuously adjusts the shocks based on driver input and sensors to deliver the ultimate ride in any situation
  • *NEW* for SXS MY18 – debut on Polaris RZR DYNAMIX™ Suspension
  • Live Valve is the technology in the shocks, iRD is the umbrella of FOX electronic products


  • Rider has 3 tune options on RZR: Comfort, Sport, Firm
  • User friendly for the enthusiasts, no complicated tuning
  • Sensors tied to steering, braking/acceleration and inertia adjust shocks instantaneously to provide optimum ride in all conditions and terrains (anti-dive in braking, firm up in freefall/jump, stiffen outside shocks in cornering, etc)
  • Exclusive to Polaris RZR Dynamix



  • Application specific coil


  • Spring preload
  • Live Valve Presets (Comfort, Sport, Firm)


  • Live Valve intelligent, electronic damping that instantaneously adjusts to driver and vehicle sensor input
  • Bottom-out Control (BOC) prevents harsh bottom-outs
  • 2.5” type-III hard anodized aluminum body is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and dissipates heat faster than steel bodies
  • 2.5” piggyback hard anodized aluminum reservoir
  • High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
  • Fully re-buildable and re-valveable
  • Ultra durable bottom-out bumper
  • Strong, 7/8” Hard chrome plated steel shaft