If I have to use only one word to describe round 2 and 3 it would be INTENSE!

We left our house Friday morning to go to Glen helen race way, it’s only 30 mins away from my home! We got there and I went to registration after that we went to see the track since they changed it, now it is completely different and fun! At 12:00 pm was the first practice my RZR 170 was running perfect after the first practice I just told my dad that i need a little gear and we would be ready for next day! We practiced 2 more times and my car was running perfect! Next morning we woke up early got breakfast and went to drivers meeting after the drivers meeting was qualifying, I qualified 1st with a perfect time but with the inversion I moved back to 6th place we couldn’t go any higher right?

At 12pm we were ready to race! The green flag dropped and I was there in 6th position but didn’t last to long I moved all the way to 4th, I was ready to make a move to 3rd when one car hit me so hard he sent me out of the track, I tried hard not to let go the steering wheel and I managed to drift and when I got back in again, I was now in 8th position, I worked hard to move up some spots after a lap or so I was there behind the car that sent me off the track, there was also another car next to it but I made a clean pass on TWO WHEELS between them it was really cool to do that, after the pass I was there back in the game in 3rd position, right after that pass I saw the white flag and I never looked back again. Round 2 was done and I was able to finished 3rd place!

Next day was round 3 and I got 2nd in qualifier but the inversion moved me to the pole position! Three hours later the green flag dropped and I was able to be in the lead for almost half of the race then I started to battle with the first place, he got the lead then I did we battled back and forth like 3 or 4 times, coming to the checker flag and trying to pass the 1st place I made contact with a lapper he came into my line and I couldn’t brake we both made contact but he flipped over, I’m glad he nobody got hurt and I was able to finish 2nd!

After watching the race on livetrackfeed.com those two rounds were like demolition derby!….glad we were all safe! Now time to get ready for some worcs racing in a couple weeks! See you guys!

Words & Photos by George Llamosas.


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