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Below you can find George Llamosas race report from the 2019 UTV World Championship.

This weekend was one of the best days of my life, starting on Thursday we left the house and headed to Needles, CA to meet my Walker Evans team at the Anderson compound, I got the chance to practice there and test my car with my Walker Evans shocks while my dad and RJ were watching me,
after a good practice we hung out there I played with my brothers by the river and then we headed to our destination Laughing, NV! When we got there I went straight to registration with my mom and after that I hung out with my race buddies, after a little bit my dad called me to go to tech, we got all checked and after a long and fun day i went to bed!

Friday was my race at 12:30 I woke up early to walk the track with my dad as usual, we went back to the RV and started to make some last minute changes on my car, I had a good breakfast with my parents and brothers and started to get all dressed up!

I went to line up and got a good spot! I was staring on the first row, I left my car there and went to the drivers meeting, after that we all did the parade lap, we came back and we were all ready 47 kids ready to rip the track they dropped the green flag and I was there in second position but it didn’t last long I was able to make a pass right away and I was the first one to pass the scoring shoot!

The track wasn’t friendly at all it was rough! In the minute 16 I made a mistake with one of my buddies and we both crashed I flipped over it took 40 seconds to put me back on my 4 wheels! When I was upside down I saw Branden Judge passing by and I was eager to catch up him! As soon as they put me back on 4 wheels I left and i was able to pass him back, I did two more laps and the race came to an end. I finished the race 1st but with the adjustment, I ended up on the podium with a 2nd place, just 9 seconds behind the 1st place! Thats racing!! Thats how I ended up my stock class!

Right after the 170 stock class came to an end I ran to the starting line for the second time, and there was my modified car waiting for me this time I was starting on the second row. I was there ready for them to drop the green flag once again and ready for another 30 mins battle! I raced hard, my car ran perfectly and managed to finish 5th overall!! This time my friend and team mate dallas Gonzales got the 1st place so proud of him!

After my races I went to see the 570 class, right after they were all done I heard that Ethan Groom was not able to assist to the pit crew challenge and they invited me to fill up the spot I was more than ready to join them and represent my buddy and my team there I ran to the rv and change my clothes and we all run to the pits, we were ready to battle hard with the other crew and this year our team “GSP” took the win of the 2019 kids pit crew challenge!!

After that we went to the riverside casino for our awards ceremony we got there and they called my name as a 2nd placed winner, and this year it was a little different they gave away a brand new Polaris RZR 170 to the top 5 qualifying of both groups RZR 170 and RZR 250. I was talking to my friends when I heard my name I couldn’t believe it, I just looked at my mom and ran to the podium again but this time to receive a brand new RZR 170. I still can’t believe it! I can’t thank enough to everybody who makes this possible and Polaris RZR for giving away a RZR! Saturday after a long and busy day I found myself making plans for the next UTV World Championship 2020!



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