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GoFastGirls ambassador Jordan Price took on the 2021 Baja 500 and despite the DNF result, she gained a ton of valuable experience. 

For those of you who don’t have Jordan on your radar yet, this is your official notice -Jordan is a top tier female athlete with big accomplishments and even bigger goals. From racing the toughest motorsports events, to going to school to get her mechanics license and working for the family boat company, Jordan is crushing it in life and the perfect ambassador for the GFG brand.

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In true Jordan fashion, she came to GoFastGirls on her own to set up her sponsorship, without parental involvement. It’s hard to imagine a young lady with such a sweet soul, out hustling racing sponsorships, building and racing a trophy truck and competing with be best of the best. The crazy thing is she’s not into only one type of racing and will take on just about anything at a really young age. She was ready and willing to iron woman the infamous Baja 500 and took all of the adversity in stride. This girl is one to watch out for in the future.

UTVUnderground asked Jordan a few questions to get the full scoop of what went down at the 2021 Baja 500. 

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How was the 2021 Baja 500 for you and your team?

The Baja 500 is always an extremely brutal race but this year proved extra challenging for us. Beyond the obvious difficulties of racing south of the border, the silt and dust this year were horrendous causing all sorts of bottle neck issues. There was a lot of carnage right from the start of the race and trying to avoid it was a real challenge. Unfortunately, we had engine issues all day resulting in us struggling on hill climbs and an inability to reach top speeds on the straightaways. It was bummer for whole the team to have to call the race due to mechanical issues, but it happens in racing and we will get them fixed and come back stronger for the next one. 

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Who was with you in the race car?

My co-driver was Warren Kniss and he remained in the car with me the whole time!

How does racing in Baja compare to racing in the USA?

Racing down is Baja is significantly different than racing in the states. In Baja you get a huge variety in terrain you just don’t get in the states. From my experiences racing in both places, the terrain in Baja is very different and much more challenging. In Mexico, you experience all of the terrain from rocks, to silt, to sand, to flat ground, to almost impossible hill climbs! That’s part of what makes racing in Baja so unique.

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What was your favorite part of pre running? 

My favorite part of pre running no matter what race it is, is the people. Every time I arrive in a town or see a crowd, we have multiple little kids running up to us asking for stickers. The smiles on their faces are priceless and you can see how much racing means to these fans. 

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What was the biggest challenge for you during this race?

The biggest challenge for me this race was the endurance part of it. I knew this race was going to be tough but I had no idea how long we would end up being stuck after we snapped a rocker arm.  The hardest part for me, especially when we broke down was when the adrenaline dump. When your adrenaline slows down it’s hard to not get tired, especially when you get stuck or have to get out of the car and try to fix something. It’s a mind game and you have to have a positive attitude.  

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What was the most important thing you learned this Baja 500?

The most important thing I feel I learned this race was knowing when to push myself further than the limits I set for myself. If you never push your limits, you’ll never get faster.

What’s next for Jordan Price?

I am not backing down and will continue to run the Score International Series! Next up is the Baja 400!! 

And the most important question of all – What is your favorite food in Baja?

My all-time favorite food down in Mex, is El Pastor tacos!!!!!

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2021 go fast girls utvug article banner 2 2000x512 1


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