Heger and Weller Defend Points Leads with Flag-to-Flag LOORRS Wins

Sparks, NV (7/21/2018) – Brock Heger and Corry Weller put in dominant runs to win the UTV portions of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series events at Wild West Motorsports Park. Heger won the Production 1000 race in his Yamaha, while Weller finished first in Production Turbo in her Can-Am.

The events were held at the tight, but tricky Wild West course. Featuring massive elevation change, the course showcased featured two large hairpin turns, as well as several rhythm sections. Further compounding the difficulties of the races was a heavy rainstorm that blew through just prior to the start of the night’s events, turning the track from dry and tacky to slick and muddy.

Taking the brunt of the muddy conditions was the Production 1000 race. Sloppy conditions made for a mud fest in front of the capacity crowd and Heger took advantage. He took the lead at the start and kept the rest of the field in his roost for the balance of the event, winning by over 10 seconds.

Robert Stout took second at the start and finished how he started. Jason Weller started 10th and made the most of the midrace competition caution and restart to make up four positions and finish third. On that same restart, Heger judged he just had to stay in front into the first corner, and it worked.

“When I took off on the restart, I knew I just had to let them eat my roost,” said Heger, who pads his points lead with his sixth win of the season. “I knew that would slow him down. I made sure he was behind me in the roost zone and it worked out.”

Stout had his car setup for dry and tacky conditions. Then the heavens opened up and the former pavement racer had to quickly brush up on his slide job skills.

“We were really hoping for more of a dry-slick race because the car was doing really well in the dry, so the rain was a curveball for us,” said Stout. “The car was still really fast. I’m an asphalt guy, so I’m trying to get used to sliding in the mud, and Heger is going to beat me every time in these conditions.”

Weller had issues getting a clean lap in qualifying and rolled off 10th for the race. He stayed in sight of the leaders through the first five laps and then hit the gas hard on the restart, flying into the final position on the podium.

“I had trouble in qualifying and that gave me a bad start,” said Weller. “Then it rained and I wasn’t ready for it, but I got a couple of breaks in the race. On the restart, I just threw it in, closed my eyes for a second, and I passed four cars.”

In the Production Turbo UTV race, Corry Weller led from the pole and dominated the race from start to finish to pad her points lead in the class. Even after the initial restart after the competition caution was waved off and the field had to restart again, she just dominated to notch her fourth victoy of the season. Her Weller Racing teammate Paul O’Brien was second, also in a Can-Am. Myles Cheek, filling in for Ronnie Anderson, finished third in a Polaris.

Corry Weller knew the muddy conditions favored the frontrunner, so she made sure she took the lead and stayed there. Then she had to ensure to stay mistake free for all 10 laps.

“It was a necessity to get out front early; I learned that in Missouri,” said Corry Weller. “All I wanted to do was get out front and not mistake, which is hard in the mud. The car gets hectic and it handles differently every lap as the mud piles on.”

O’Brien said his Weller Racing Can-Am was just the class of the field. Despite visibility issues caused by a muddy windscreen, He ran close to Corry Weller for much of the race, and finished second.

“The Can-Am is the best car out there,” said O’Brien. “That right corner of the windshield was interesting. It sounded like a good idea before the race, but it didn’t turn out that way. I definitely relied on my spotter, my wife, for the podium. Congratulations to my teammate Corry. She was unbelievable today.”

Cheek jumped the lap-five restart and charged seven positions before Corry Weller took the start. After reshuffling the field, he made his way to fourth before inheriting third on the final lap when Trevor Leighton had mechanical issues.

“The turbo class is fun; you just have to back it in and slide it,” said Cheek. “I was just having fun out there and pulled it off.”

This round was a single event weekend, and the next race for the LOORRS series is scheduled for August 24 and 25 at Utah Motorsports Campus in Toole, UT. That event is a doubleheader.

Photos & Words by: Harlen Foley // UTVUnderground.com