HMF: The Official Sound of The Off-Road

For nearly two decades, HMF™ has been designing and developing aftermarket exhaust systems for powersport vehicles. In that time span, their exhausts have made a name for themselves by generating absolutely one of the best sounds in the industry. Every HMF exhaust offers a deep and aggressive tone that is exactly how the off-road was intended to sound. They offer various exhaust series that have a specific volume output, as well as custom color component options, making HMF™ one of the most versatile exhaust systems on the market.

Performance Series
The Performance Series from HMF™ has been the staple of the brand since it’s origin. Whether on dirt or pavement, this exhaust system has the capability of generating an even increase in horse power and torque while distributing an incredible sound. It’s often 3-6dB louder than the stock muffler and can accept a Quiet Core insert for a 2-4dB drop.
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The Titan is a stainless steel system built to withstand extreme temperatures, increase torque, horse power, add durability and improve the overall exhaust tone. The Titan-QS features a mechanical core design that produces incredible horse power and torque while keeping the sound levels to a minimum. If you’re looking for a durable aftermarket exhaust system that features a quieter tone, the TItan-QS is your system.
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For the riders out there craving maximum horse power with maximum volume, the Titan-XL features an unrestricted internal core design that produces maximum horse power at an incredibly loud volume. The Titan-XL takes that deep sound from HMF and amplifies it to be the loudest exhaust system HMF has available.
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Competition Series
The Competition Series was designed and tested for sport ATVs. It features 3 inserts that affect the sound and power differently, giving you complete control over the type of power and sound you need, when you need it.
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Hans Luenger, owner of HMF™, has a rich background in racing at a high level. His real-life experience combined with a state of the art manufacturing process is seen in every exhaust system made by HMF™. That is why HMF™ has quickly become #TheOfficialSoundOfTheOffroad.