Segway has been around for 20 years, originally established in Bedford, New Hampshire, they’ve grown to be a global company with presence in over 100 countries. They’ve taken over the personal mobility market, when most of us think of Segway the first thing that comes to mind, is the two wheeled scooter that you stand on and lean in the direction you want to go in. To take personal mobility to the next level, Segway Villain and Segway Fugleman are a step in the right direction.

The Hybrid Engines

What sets Segway Villain and Segway Fugleman apart from all the other side by sides on the market is the engine – it’s hybrid. You get three options for Segway Fugleman, the 570cc hybrid engine, 1000cc hybrid engine or 1000cc non-hybrid engine, for the Segway Villain you get two options, either 1000cc hybrid engine or the 1000 non-hybrid engine.

PHP (Paralleled Hybrid Powertrain)

570 cc. liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine power motor the “dual core” delivers max 86HP and 70 ft-lb’s of instantaneous torque.


ERHP (Extended-Range Hybrid Powertrain)

1000 cc. liquid cooled, Parallel twin-cylinder, 4-stroke, 8 valve, DOHC engine, power motor the range-extender hybrid powertrain delivers max 181HP and 185ft-lb’s of instantaneous torque.


Combustion Engine

1000 cc. liquid cooled, Parallel twin-cylinder, 4-stroke, 8 valve, DOHC engine, the powertrain delivers max 107HP and 73ft-lb’s of torque.



Although the engines won’t have a turbo installed from factory, it’ll be interesting to see how the electric motor makes up in torque.

Smart Command System

Both of the UTVs sport a Smart Command System with a 4G connection and bluetooth providing the driver with up to date information on the ride, music controls and vehicle information. The touch screen in the center console also looks to be larger than anything else available on the market.

2020 Segway Villain

SEGWAY’S rambunctious Side by Side also boasts technology centered around its twin-cylinder, 107 horsepower engine, which amps up to 181 hp with the hybrid system! As a pioneer in its class, it’s cleaner and more economical, all without sacrificing power.Like all SEGWAYS, it’s water and oil dual-cooling system offers top performance. With it’s modern, aerodynamic style, VILLAIN boasts an audacious and radically different design. The VILLAIN is equipped with remote reservoirs of both front and rear shocks, and with adjustable dual speed compression and rebound that can adapt to any terrain and driving style — because it’s creed is sport! With it’s dual A-arm with 16.3″ wheel travel and rear suspension with 17.91″ wheel travel, all despite a stabilizer bar, the SEGWAY VILLAIN is a sporty all-terrain vehicle. It includes beadlock rims that secure the drive and make sure that it can handle any terrain. From the adjustable seat and behind its inclinable steering wheel, drivers can access the TFT dashboard with adaptive display and get all the information they need in the blink of eyes. It’s a sporty SSV that will make its mark.

2020 Segway Villain Trim Levels & Technical Specifications

The 2020 Segway Villain will come in two different trim levels, the fully decked out Segway Villain 1000SH trim level, which includes the hybrid motor, or the base Segway Villain 1000SF model which comes with the standard 1000cc combustion engine.

2020 Segway Fugleman

Created for both work and leisure, the FUGLEMAN is a state-of-the-art UTV. Also built with a high-strength chromium-molybdenum frame and set on 4 independent double- wishbone suspensions, it can play on any terrain thanks to its 27 cm ground clearance. Comfort is guaranteed, thanks to four adjustable shocks that can adapt to any terrain and driving style. And with 18 cm (front) and 21 cm (rear) suspensions, you’re in for smooth sailing. Its 3 bench seats set-up holds 558 kg in the cargo box and can support 900 kg of towing. Both the steering wheel and the driver’s seat are adjustable for ultimate driving comfort. The seatback can also be lowered for more functional use. The interior can spot an optional 10.4″ central touchscreen, which links to its central Bluetooth and 4G intelligent communication system for updated data. Heating is also available as an option. LED headlights provide excellent lighting for night riding. The FUGLEMAN also has a smart lockable front differential and rear diff-lock with easily switchable 2WD/4WD modes to conquer even the most difficult terrain.

2020 Segway Fugleman Trim Levels & Technicals Specifications

The 2020 Segway Fugleman will come in three different trim levels. Starting with Segway Fugleman 570UH, which comes with the smaller 570cc hybrid engine, Segway Fugleman 1000UH which comes with the big 1000cc hybrid engine, or the regular combustion engine which comes in the Segway Fugleman 1000UF model.


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