When I first laid eyes on this machine I knew I wanted to share it with everyone. Blake Van de Loo, a long time desert racer and member of the Polaris / Jagged X Racing Team set out to build his ultimate rock racer to take on this years King Of The Hammers event. Due to some driver error and bad luck Blake didn’t have his best race at Hammer’s, however, he did get a solid finish with his virgin Polaris RZR XP1000.

Blake built the machine himself applying features and accessories that he had been envisioning for some time. The idea was to build a RZR he could race but more than that, that he could take and play with in any terrain. Some of the trick features that may not be visible or understood by the untrained eye is a full hydraulic rear sway bar with manual disconnect. This allows Blake to keep traction while running at speed but then should he get into any off-camber rock crawling type situations he can disconnect the sway bar and utilize every inch of travel and articulation his RZR has.

Another one of my favorite features on this RZR was the use of Polaris’ unlock-able rear differential. Blake with the push of a button can essentially put his RZR into “turf mode” allowing for “one-tire-fire” in the rear to help position him for a better approach or to help get him into a better position when crawling. This differential also allowed brake to install a cutting brake giving him the ability to lock up certain wheels on the car to help when maneuvering the rocks. Toss in the boat-sided chassis, driver free-spool winch lever,  lowered seats, larger fuel cell, LoneStar Racing suspension, and a host of other impressive mods and you have one of the most functional and tricked out RZRs ever built! Well done Blake!

Now toss us the keys to that bad boy so we can show ya how to drive it!! hahaha (I am kidding of course)

Joey D.

Photos By: Rusty Baptist//UTVUnderground.com


Owner: Blake Van de Loo
Chassis: 2014 Polaris XP 1000
Front A-Arms: Lone Star Racing
Rear Arms: Home Built
Rear Radius Links: High Lifter High Clearance
Shocks: Stock, Walkers Evans Racing Re-Valved 2.5″ Coil Overs
Sway Bar Disconnect: Home Built
Axels: Summer Bros 300M
CV’s: Stock
Engine: Stock ProStar XP1000
Exhaust: Muzzys with Digi Tune
Transmission: Stock with modified lockable diff & turning brake.
Battery: Varta PowerSports
Wheels: 14″ OMF Performance NX G2’s
Run Flat: Tire Blocks
Tires: GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrel 30”
Seats: BS Sand
Safety: Impact Racing, 3” 5-point quick release
Paint: CR Designs
Fuel Cell: ATL
Lighting: Vision X LED Light bar and rear safety light
Communications: PCI radio and Blue Tooth intercom (crappy hand signals from co-dawg)
Winch: Warn 4.0

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