Kolton Hustead in the 1938 car went into Parker 250 putting all the cards on the table, knowing he was going to win the race or break the car trying.

Kolton started off the line 18th and quickly making passes, quickly finding himself in the top 10 on the race course by the end of the first lap. Going into the second lap everything was running great with no issues at all. Still making good passes on cars he found himself 1st on the road going into the last lap of the race.

2020 Parker 250 Kolton Hustead

Around the halfway point of the last lap Kaden Wells and Kolton Hustead battled for the lead back and forth pushing each others equipment to the max, Kolton ended up blowing up his front differential 6 miles from the midway pit, being able to limp it half pace to the pit, his crew and speed energy crew was able to get his car rigged up enough to finish the race with 45 minutes of downtime, being able to land a 14th place finish for the day.

Words and photos courtesy of Kolton Hustead.


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