Level 5 Off-Road is a grass roots racing organization based out of Oklahoma. They offer fun and affordable racing at a beautiful new facility that they are in the process of building and growing. Make sure to check them out in our forum HERE or on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more and keeping up to date.


Pro class
1st – Justin McCoy – Waxahachie, TX
2nd – Jarod Stice – Pittsburg, KS
3rd – John Leach – Edmond, OK

1000cc Production
1st -Quinnten Thompson – Bixby, OK
2nd – Aaron Boterf – Burleson, TX
3rd – Tucson Collins – DNF

900cc Production
1st – Brian Stacy – Hulbert, OK
2nd – DNF
3rd – DNF

Here’s a short in-car clip from one of the racers competing.

Photos By: Drew Boterf (PodiumSXS.com)