What you see above is rOtation Motorsports’ Wes Miller and his #1998 Pro UTV as it was being passed at top speed during the 2015 BITD Vegas To Reno and it did end so well for Amin Patel in the #1986 Polaris RZR. Patel, who decided to go for a pass with no siren, bump, or any type of warning ended up going for a serious ride. Luckily he an dhis co-driver were ok.

Wes Miller at the time was behind two other cars he was preparing to pass when the #1986 of Patel slammed into the side of him causing what rOtation Motorsports considers an unnecessary pile up. You see later a correct pass by S3 Powersports’ Dustin Jones in the Can-Am Maverick Turbo.

Be smart out there people! We didn’t know the extent of this crash until after the race when pictures were posted on Facebook. That’s when we pulled our GoPro Footage to see what exactly happened.

Thank you to Wes Miller for giving us a look at “Life On The Inside”



Photos below show the carnage that the #1986 sustained during their attempted pass….


  1. Hi 1988 it’s Amin Patel car number 1986. Just saw this video I’m sorry I didn’t realize you guys couldn’t hear my siren. I was going for a pass when I thought you were giving me way I had no idea my siren wasn’t loud enough for you to hear. I’m glad I got to see this video so I could see and hear what went wrong. Time to install a louder siren. Thank you see you at the next race buddy.

  2. John Copitas is this utv passing you in your 1600 car around mile 69. If so those things are quick and ride nice.

  3. Yup.. That is I.
    Those UTV’s are faster than expected..
    We’re way under horse powered comparitively … Only advantage we have is when we’re in the rough or when they are stopped on the side of road. They seemed to pull over a lot for flats or breaking.. Idk

  4. Just looking at the pics, I will say the chassis held up well, looks just cosmetic and suspension parts on the wrecked rzr. Bad call to just nail it without warning, can’t just assume the driver in front sees you or even wants you to pass. Good thing all are well.

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