If anyone was still wondering if the LOORRS regional series’ are going to take off in terms of UTV car counts, round 2 should have squashed all of those doubts! With 19 Polaris XP900’s showing up to compete in the Walker Evans Racing Polaris RZR XP900 class and 21 SR1’s and Unlimited UTV’s showing up to race in the Weller Racing SR1 and Black Rhino UTV classes the UTV fields were STACKED!! Not to mention, a solid crowd and full pits were on hand at the Lake Elsinore off-road complex on a beautiful Saturday in Southern California to take in the racing action.

As always, UTVUnderground.com wants to thank each and every racer out there running our colors and representing the site on and off the track! Huge thank you to Ryan Torres of Ryan Torres Photography for covering the race for us, make sure to stop by his site to purchase the awesome photos you see below!

Big congrats go out to UTVUnderground Racers Jerry Staggs, Jason Weller, and Hans Waage for winning in their respective classes!!


Jerry Fast of Staggs Racing pilots his Polaris RZR XP900 to another 1st place win!
Jerry Staggs of Staggs Racing pilots his Polaris RZR XP900 to another 1st place win!

Walker Evans Racing Polaris XP900 Class

1. Jerry Fast
2. Cody Rahders
3. Jake Greco
4. Myles Cheek
5. Casey Filippi
6. Brandon Altman
7. Nic Granlund
8. Dave Lytle
9. Mark Patridge
10. Bryan Carr
11. Roger Diaz
12. Jeremy Merrell
13. Jacob Yubeta
14. Jason Merrell
15. Sheldon Creed
16. Jordon Cochrum
17. Mike Gardner
18. Niko Skiparnias
19. John Schaffer

Jason Weller of Weller Racing pilots his Weller Racing SR1 to a 1st place win!

Optima Batteries SR1 Championship Series / Black Rhino UTV

1. Jason Weller
2. Gary Thompson
3. Robert Wilson
4. Hans Waage
5. Dan Burke
6. Clayton Graham
7. Kenny Frost
8. Blake Malgren
9. Andrew Berry
10. Sean Lorenz
11. David Nagy
12. Wayne Matlock
13. Steve Beilman
14. Adam Gruender
15. Doug Leeper
16. Sean Brininger
17. Brandon Kilgore
18. Corry Weller
19. Jared Poppe
20. James Hill
21. Bryan Osborn


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