It is with great excitement that, alongside Method Race Wheels announce Method’s entry into the UTV wheel market. For over a year, Method has been hard at work designing, developing, and testing wheels designed specifically for the UTV race and play markets and we at have been lucky enough to have been called upon to assist in this development.

Method Race Wheels, the premier wheel line for off-road racing has taken the off-road wheel segment by storm. In just a few short years Method has assisted numerous off-road racers in winning multiple championships and has been the wheel of choice for more off-road race winners than one could count! Desert race champion BJ Baldwin & short-course champion Johnny Greaves have made Method their wheels of choice so why wouldn’t you?

Lighter. Faster. Stronger. Is the tagline in which Method hangs its hat on and it’s these 3 principals in which Method relies upon when developing new wheels for the off-road industry. It’s that commitment to developing the best products that makes their entry into the UTV market so exciting. Only a handful of companies that develop wheels for unlimited off-road race vehicles have taken the time to create the same quality wheels for the much smaller UTV vehicles. Method designers and engineers did not spare any expense in developing this new line of UTV wheels and consumers should rest assured that the same quality and R&D has gone into their UTV wheel line as any other wheel they produce.

Method has developed 2 general wheel designs for the UTV segment with many more in the works.  To start, consumers will be able to purchase the popular “Standard” style wheel design in a non-beadlock both in 12”x7” and 14”x7” sizes. The “Standard” non-beadlock will be available in Machined and Matte Black powdercoat. For the race and hardcore enthusiast Method has done something special. They scaled down their “Truck – Race” beadlock wheel and will offer it in 12”x7”, 14”x7” and in 15”x7”! The same engineering that has gone into developing their Trophy Truck wheels has gone into this awesome looking UTV beadlock. It was truly designed with the racer in mind and with a 1600lb load rating you will be hard pressed to find a STRONGER wheel on the market! All UTV wheels will be offered in multiple off-set’s and wheel bolt patterns.

In addition to Method’s new UTV wheel introduction, Method is also pleased to announce that they have hired Steven Bell to head up their UTV wheel sales. Bell has been a member of the UTV community for many years and has a tremendous amount of UTV product knowledge and experience. Bell will assist distributors and customers alike with all of their Method Race Wheels questions and concerns. Bell will also be the face of Method on the forum and at the top industry events and races! It is a huge asset to have someone as experienced as Bell heading up the UTV division, this should make Method’s intro into the UTV market a very smooth transition.

Method’s new line of UTV wheels should be available for delivery by mid-April with orders being taken now! Special pricing for distribution has been set up and consumers should be thrilled to hear that Method has ensured that the wheels will be priced to sell. What’s better than a good looking, hard working product at a price that anyone can afford!?

Method Race Wheels Website

For dealer inquiries or product questions contact Steven Bell at Method Race Wheels

Steven Bell
Method Race Wheels
42245 Remington ave. # B-15
Temecula, Ca. 92590
[email protected]
Toll Free 866-779-8604
Direct 951-795-4600
Cell 619-933-5805
Fax 951-905-5398


  1. I picked up a set of these for my 800 4 in a non bead-lock 30″ set and there are AWESOME. Great look and seam to function great for what running in the desert.

  2. Forgot to mention that the people at Method are good dudes. The also mounted a set of GBS Mongrels on them and brought them out to me at a ride with UTV Underground. No what better customer service can you ask for I ask ? You can’t Method and there staff ROCK !!

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