Tech and Contingency day started bright and early on Friday, we rolled into the tech line while putting the final touches on our Polaris RZR. The tech area was small and the vendors were huddled up hiding from the wind. We made it through without issue and we headed back to camp to go through the car one last time. The wind had really picked up and I was praying it would continue into to race day. A crisp wind keeps your spirits up and the dust down.
Race day we had great weather and it was go time. We were starting 7th which I was happy with but knew we would be dealing with a bit of dust. We got going and had a car that was running fast and smooth. We got in a good groove and started gaining on the cars in front of us. Dust definitely was an issue but we started picking off cars. Pit 1 was about 50 miles into the race and by then we moved into 2nd physically in course.
From Pit 1 we kept up a great pace and began to catch the leader. We started seeing his dust and had to keep pushing hard as we knew there was a train of cars behind us. Coming down a wash into Pit 2 (Mile 100) we started to make a good gain and just as we were coming in we were only a few seconds behind. We both pulled into the pits for fuel and thanks to my awesome crew we got out quick and were now physically 1st !
From here we put our heads down and worked on running a smooth fast race into the finish and that’s exactly what we did. The car was flawless all day as well as my crew and when it was all said and done we came in with a 5 minute lead over 2nd place and took the win!

I cant thank all of my sponsors enough for giving me all the tools I need to win as well as all of my family and friends that come out and keep me going!

Click image below to watch ITP recap video. 
Thanks to all my sponsors in 2017.