If you’re a professional racer or a weekend warrior, NecksGen has you covered. With cozy features like air ducting technology, the hot summer days are going to get just a little cooler.

NecksGen now has 5 new models of competition seats available for racers of varying levels. If you need to upgrade, replace, or renew your seat for your vehicle, take a look at the 5 brand new offerings from NecksGen. All 5 models meet or exceed FIA 8855-1999 standards. With offerings to suit the grassroots racers to the professionals, NecksGen has several ways to get you back in your comfort zone.

NecksGen Competition Seats

4119 Series:
Beat the heat this summer with the 4119 series seat with lower back air support! Our top of the line seat includes a special opening in the lower back area that you can connect to cool air that will provide your lower back and abdomen with moving, cold air. The 4119 also includes back fixing mounts in the upper rear part of the seat for additional back mounting, which adds extra stability, safety, and driver feel.

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NecksGen Competition Seats Air Ducting Technology
NecksGen Competition Seats Air Ducting Technology