Check out the all-new Engine Ice UTV coolant specifically made for UTVs.

Everybody knows that heat is the enemy of any engine and since your turbo UTV already runs hot, you need a cooling solution that specifically addresses the demands of UTV engines.

Engine Ice UTV Coolant provides that solution. There’s nothing worse than overheating your engine and ending up in limp more, or worse….! Using the most high-performance coolant available is critical to keep your engine running at optimal temperatures, and it gives you maximum performance and extends your vehicle life.

With Engine Ice, you have superior heat reduction which maximizes power.

Lower engine temperatures = more consistent horsepower.

With a boil-over protection to 254 Farhenheit and freeze-up protection to -26 Fahrenheit Engine ICe will improve performance in hot and cold weather.

Non-toxic, phosphate-free and biodegradable, Engine Ice is environmentally safer than traditional ethylene glycol coolants.

You can pick up the Engine Ice UTV coolant at your local Powersports dealer, or head over to and buy direct.


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