MotoRoof, an enthusiast-owned UTV company that builds superior quality mesh roof and side/rear panels for a variety of UTV makes and models, is proud to unveil more direct-fit Razorshade mesh roof and Wind Jammer rear window panel options for 2019. MotoRoof’s mesh UTV products are much lighter than traditional aluminum UTV roofs, easy to install with all supplied hardware, and are made entirely in the USA.

Key Features

  • MotoRoof’s Razorshade mesh roof easily mounts to the top of a UTV cage, providing shade and extra protection for all occupants
  • Installation is simple with a tool-less design and all provided hardware (no vehicle modifications required)
  • Every MotoRoof mesh product is made from thick, light weight, and highly durable vinyl coated polyester with a 92% shade factor for UV resistance and no flapping, ever!
  • In addition to Razorshade mesh UTV roofs, MotoRoof offers Wind Jammer mesh side & back window panels for additional shade and protection
  • Both Razorshade and Wind Jammer products are available for today’s most popular UTV makes & models
  • Every MotoRoof product can be customized with direct print capabilities on both Razorshade and Wind Jammer products – put your logo on your vehicle!
  • Every MotoRoof product is Made In the USA and includes a 2 Year Warranty

Even in 2019, many UTVs still don’t come with roofs as standard equipment. Even if they do, some roofs are not made to last with plastic connections and poor fitment. MotoRoof’s lineup of Razorshade mesh roof products fix these common issues with an easy to install, cost effective, and durable shade solution.


Razorshade mesh roofs are made from extremely durable vinyl coated mesh polyester that ensures a UTV’s roof will be a great source for shade and protection from the elements. With the extremely durable mesh design, the Razorshade provides a 92% shade factor for UV resistance on the sunniest of days. This means more sun protection, comfort, and time on the trail for everyone. Plus, no aluminum roof means less radiant heat coming from above the cab, keeping occupants cooler and more comfortable all day long.

The Razorshade is custom fit for a variety of the most popular UTV makes and models. Installation of the product is extremely easy with no tools or modifications to the vehicle required – just line up the Razorshade and install it with the supplied bungie attachment system. Because of the perfect-fit design of each Razorshade product, no flapping or inconsistencies will occur.

In addition to Razorshade mesh roofs in the MotoRoof lineup of products, the company also features Wind Jammer mesh side and rear panels for the most popular UTV models. Wind jammer products are made of the same durable polyester material and are designed to provide additional shade and protection from the side or rear areas of the UTV.

As if all of these great features weren’t enough, every MotoRoof product can be custom printed with items like a company’s logo or slogan. Now you can brand your own MotoRoof product for additional company exposure out on the trail, in a clean and non in-your-face way.

For additional questions about the MotoRoof lineup of Razorshade and Wind Jammer products, please contact (801) 298-1008. Or, MotoRoof can be found on the web at:


  1. Don’t trust this company. Jim that owns motoroof also owns TorqAxle. He screwed Doug out of $16,500 and never delivered any axles to him!

  2. Do not order anything from these crooks! Same owner as Torq Axle Jim. These guys stole $16,000 from a customer and never delivered his axles. Boycot Motoroof and Torq Motorsports.



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