NEW Polaris RZR RS1 Race Video Series
Polaris Introduces NEW Video Series Using Stacked Team to Highlight All-New Machine

When you claim your new machine was designed by drivers, for drivers, then you better get some drivers to show what the new machine is capable of! UTVUnderground’s Joey D., traveled alongside 20 of the top Polaris RZR team drivers & partners to Elk River, MN to formally be introduced to the all-new 2018 Polaris RZR RS1 single seat machine. Not only did the group get to be the first to see the then unreleased RZR, they were lined up head to head to compete for the first time behind the wheel of the extremely quick and agile vehicle.

Polaris called upon Mad Media & UTVUnderground to capture the epic racing and produce numerous videos to highlight the competition. Beginning on February 12th, Polaris will begin releasing these videos to bring fans and those interested in the new RS1 through the videos to engage them in the exciting, high flying competition.


You can follow the series via the @PolarisRZR pages on Instagram & Facebook, or you can visit their You Tube Channel now and watch the full series in its entirety!

Click Here To Watch Full Series

You can learn more about the all-new 2018 Polaris RZR RS1 by CLICKING HERE