New Stock UTV Rally Class launches at 2018 Polaris RZR UTV World Championship
Now you can race a UTV with basic modifications in the UTVWC Desert Race

UTV World Championship owners, The Martelli Brothers & Joey DiGiovanni, announce the official formation of the new Stock UTV (Unlimited Terrain Vehicle) Rally class in conjunction with Best in the Desert (BITD). The new class allows for stock Turbo & Naturally Aspirated UTVs with added safety measures to race in the desert specific race portion of the UTV World Championship. Now all UTV enthusiasts can try their hand at the desert race in addition to the short course race on the formidable Laughlin race course at the UTV World Championship.

Safety requirements include aftermarket seats, 5-point safety harnesses, window nets and / or wrist restraints, pinned or fixed doors (with approved side bars), aftermarket 6-point roll cage with approved roof, KCHiLights spec blue strobe rear facing light, and fire extinguisher. All racers & co-drivers are also required to have an approved racing helmet, fire suit, head & neck restraint to keep within basic race safety rules. Racers can also chose to run stock suspension or upgrade to stronger aftermarket suspension kits. Tire size will be limited to 32 inches in size to also keep within existing BITD UTV class rules.

“The reason we now call these Unlimited Terrain Vehicles is because UTVs are virtually limitless when it comes to off-road,” said CEO, Joey DiGiovanni. “The new generation of sport UTVs come off the showroom floor virtually ready for the track and with a few simple mods you can now test your skills at one of the premier events in all of UTV racing! The goal of this new class is to get new people to try off-road desert racing and experience first hand how thrilling and challenging off-road racing actually is. Now you have the ability to easily modify your UTV and race in the desert race portion of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship!”

The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Powered by Monster Energy has driven the UTV market forward with three years of uninterrupted national television coverage. The 2017 coverage appeared on ABC’s World of X-Games, which at that time was an unprecedented opportunity for the UTV industry. With multiple hours of national programming, global exposure through various industry print & online publications, as well as social media, the 2018 Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Powered by Monster Energy will further push UTV racing into the mainstream.

There is strong reason for calling the new Stock class a “UTV Rally Class”. UTVs have begun to enter into competitions at local American stage rally events. Streamlining the rule segment of the class will allow not only for enthusiasts to be able to race at select BITD events, but then also take their machines to compete at future rally racing events across the United States, and visa-versa.

“The new Stock UTV Rally class makes off-road desert racing even more accessible to the masses. In addition, UTVs are becoming more widely accepted in American stage Rally racing. For the past few years we have been talking to the top Rally promoter in the United States on properly integrating the UTV platform into stage rally, and after we showed the vehicles capability and safety last year with spectacular performances by Rhys Millen, Stephan Verdier, and James Hill, the idea has caught on. The premise for the class is not to replace traditional rally cars, instead we want to get people to try stage rally and realize how fun and challenging it is in a low cost, super fun vehicle platform,” said UTV World Championship CEO, Matt Martelli.

Stock UTV Rally Sportsman Class Turbo & N/A UTV Class Requirements

The Rally Sportsman UTV can only race at 3 of the BITD races. Parker 250, UTV World Championships, and Laughlin Desert Classic. The Rally Sportsman class is designed for racers to participate in BITD without building a full race UTV.

NOTE: This is not a separate Sportsman class. The Rally Sportsman UTV class vehicles are built using production Turbo or NA UTV’s, manufactured by registered companies, i.e. Polaris, Can-Am, Textron, Yamaha, etc. that issues Vin #’s. Companies must produce a minimum number of 1000 units of that exact model and configuration prior to being allowed to participate in this class, at any Best In the Desert Sanctioned Event.

  • The idea of this class is to allow stock UTVs with modifications for safety to race allowing more racers to come try desert racing with a less expensive entry point.
  • No performance enhancements allowed other than safety, suspension, wheels and tires. Both Turbo and N/A UTVs are allowed.
  • If you have ever registered as a driver and entered into a Pro UTV Class at Best In The Desert then you are NOT eligible to compete in the UTV Rally Class.
  • This is a Sportsman class, it is on your honor to remain within the rules. You are not competing for points or championship, do not ruin the spirit of the class.

For specific questions call UTV tech steward Cory Sappington.
Cell: 602-769-6164
Email: [email protected]


  1. Manufacturer’s body, engine, transmission, drivetrain, chassis combination and seat configuration must be retained.
  2. Factory OEM Engine, Transmission & ECU must be in stock configuration that is sold with that specific model year.
  3. No aftermarket ECU’s or “piggyback” programmers allowed.
  4. Factory OEM Fuel Cell Allowed
  5. No billet replacement or aftermarket clutch components allowed except for weights, springs, & belts
  6. No aftermarket brakes allowed.
  7. Max wheel base length of 135” and width of 77”
  8. All suspension & shock pivot points must remain in factory location
  9. Maximum tire size is 32×10.5×15. Tire must have manufacture size on tire and say 32”. No multiple tires per corner permitted
  10. Approved 6-Point aftermarket roll cage required. (No stock roll cages allowed / refer to tech director for approval) (Exception to rule for Polaris RZR RS1 Vehicles)
  11. Front and rear bumpers are required
  12. Aluminum / Metal Roof Panel Required
  13. 5-Point Seat Belts required. 2” or 3” Wide Belts OK, 3” Preferred
  14. Side Panels or Doors required (Opening doors must be secured by secondary mechanism to prevent from popping open and remain pinned closed)
  15. Window nets or wrist restraints required.
  16. One 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher Mounted On UTV w/ Quick Release required.
  17. Numbers On Both Sides Of Vehicle Required. (Minimum 8” Tall Numbers, Yellow Background w/ Black Numbers (Refer To BITD Entry Form For # Assignment)
  18. Two 10lb or one 20lb Fire Extinguisher In Your Pit. (Must Be Near Vehicle During Fueling).
  19. Fuel Mat Required when fueling at a Pit Stop.
  20. All Class Racers & Teams MUST Adhear to BITD Fueling Procedures & Safety Items for Crew.
  21. KC Hilites spec blue strobe light Rear facing, is required and must be wired to the key switch. This light must be mounted as high up on the cage as possible. You must purchase this light directly from KC Hilites. Call 928-635-2607 to buy this light. (For BITD Racing Events Only)
  22. Approved nerf bars & door bars required (For Rally Racing Events Only)

All racers must have the following:

  • Approved Head & Neck Restraint device required.
  • One Piece Fire-Suit Required SFI.A1 (SFI.A5 2018 will be required)
  • Helmet w/ DOT or Snell Decal
  • All Eye Protection Must Be Shatter Resistant.
  • Gloves & Shoes recommended

For full set of rules go to:

For specific questions call UTV tech steward Cory Sappington.
Cell: 602-769-6164
Email: [email protected]

The Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Powered by Monster Energy Returns To Laughlin, NV April 5th, 2018. Come bring your family and friends to race, spectate, shop, and party at the UTV World Championship!

For more information on the 2018 UTV World Championship and the new Stock Rally UTV class visit:

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