UTVUnderground.com Launches NEW Classifieds Program in Partnership with Race-Dezert.com

San Diego, CA 7/17/12 – UTVUnderground.com is proud to announce the launch of their NEW Classifieds section.  In partnership with network affiliate Race-Dezert.com, UTVUnderground.com has introduced the most comprehensive UTV classifieds section on the web!

The NEW classifieds section will allow for members and readers alike to post their for sale ads to be seen not only on UTVUnderground.com but also on the vastly popular Race-Dezert.com.  Race-Dezert.com’s classifieds section receives approximately 150 new ad posts per day (approx 55,000 ad’s per year). Their classifieds also received on average around 12,000 visitors per day and over 2,000,000 unique visitors for the year!! Combine those numbers with UTVUnderground’s new platform and you now have the most active off-road classifieds network anywhere on the web!



Some of the features that go along with this new classifieds program are:

  • You do not need to be a registered member of UTVUnderground.com to post or view
  • Ad’s are seen both on UTVUnderground.com and Race-Dezert.com, the most popular off-road / racing site on the web
  • Multiple categories to choose from including Race/Play UTV’s, Utility UTV’s, UTV Parts, Tow Vehicles & RV’s, and much more!
  • Purchase Feature Ad image blocks for MORE visibility!  Sell that UTV/Truck/RV/Part FASTER!!

Along with the launch of the new classifieds section will come some changes with the old UTVUnderground Buy & Sell section on the forum.  The old Buy & Sell section will now go away, forcing members to now utilize the new classifieds section.  We understand this may upset some of our current forum members and for that we apologize but in the long run this is going to make the visibility of ad’s placed on UTVUnderground much better!  The return will be more people seeing your for sale ad, therefor more potential for selling your UTV or parts even faster! Also, please make note that ads take on average 24-48 hours for approval, so do not expect your ad to be visible the minute you hit submit!  This is to ensure no spam gets through and that each ad is in the appropriate section of the classifieds.  Trust that your ad will be seen in due time so just keep checking back to see it.

Take a moment and check out the new Classifieds section here: http://classifieds.utvunderground.com/

To purchase a FEATURED AD block on the classifieds home page you can do so by clicking here: http://shop.race-dezert.com/products/utvunderground-feature-ad

If you have any questions please send them by email to: [email protected]