The days of running a dedicated GPS in the car are gone, for the most of us anyway. With the advent of a cell phone we’re able to stay on the trail, for a fraction of the price of a what a high end GPS unit costs. The number of app options out there is growing ever increasingly by the year, and we couldn’t be happier about that. The more options we have the better the apps become. onX Offroad launched a new iOS App to help you stay on the trail.

onXmaps, Inc., the industry leader in outdoor mapping technology, announced today the availability of an iOS version of the onX Offroad App, which became available on the Google Play Store earlier this year. The app can now be downloaded on the Apple App Store. onX launched the new iOS app at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

onX Offroad comes from onX, the leader in mobile mapping technology for outdoor adventures and the provider of the popular onX HUNT App. The new app was designed for off–roaders and includes mapping of more than 985 million acres of public lands and over 240,000 miles of roads and trails, with trail-specific open and close dates and track width restrictions. The app also features mapping for over 54,000 campsites and campgrounds, weather forecasting and a robust set of GPS features, making onX Offroad a must-have app for any motorized enthusiast.

onX Offroad Launches iOS App at SEMA 2019

“Our new and latest mapping app empowers the offroader to explore and navigate confidently while outside the range of cell service,” said Rory Edwards, onX Offroad director of product management, “Tested and trusted by our dedicated in-house team, we’re confident this application will revolutionize the way offroaders look at maps.”

With onX Offroad, users can find open dirt roads and trails, track favorite routes and log custom waypoints along the drive to later share with friends upon return. The app’s offline mode allows offroaders to download detailed satellite imagery maps in advance of their adventures, offering accurate and reliable mapping beyond the grid.

onX Offroad Launches iOS App at SEMA 2019

To customize the experience even further, onX Offroad allows users to set their vehicle preferences based on vehicle capability and their desired driving experience. Finding an open and suitable trail is made easy by selecting one of or all of the four categories; dirt bike, 50-inch width, high-clearance 4×4, and full-width roads. Through segmenting roads by width, the app ensures that no adventure is left to chance. Whether on an off-road motorcycle or in an overland rig, “green” means “go.”

For more information, visit or download the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Pricing ( Monthly – $3.99; Yearly – $29.99 )


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